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Sequel to Grand Prix Story.

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Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.

This game has imported or reused resources from its prequel, so some of the following bugs might be familiar to Grand Prix Story's players, or happened because the developer did not fix or clean up properly during mentioned progress.

Gameplay Bugs[]

  • Rarely, player's driver might get a negative value of "Time" in qualifying race, which might ends up in 1st place instead of 7th or 8th. Participate a very tough race, such as a versus race against a 2 300 000 G opponent with very low potential vehicle or driver might trigger it.
  • Some tracks are not well designed in which any drivers could ram onto an obstacles and being stuck. Especially those with lots of curves and narrow sections. Player should watch their driver(s) on those tracks.
  • Collision is not well maintained. When player's driver collide with opponent's vehicle, they might ended up being speeding up. Sometimes the opponent driver's might not be able to use their steering when being pushed. As such, any collisions related abilities are not really useful.
  • During the race, if your driver ends up in a situation where it's facing the wrong way and cannot return to the track, the game will restart the race for you at no cost. (Normally a race restart costs 50 GP and can only be used at the end of said race)
  • Sometimes during a race, when reaching the finishing line against an opponent, neck to neck, and you are in first place, you will finish at 2nd place despite being 1st place visually.
  • Opponent drivers might have strange behaviours to speed up suddenly, or player's driver unable to overtake opponent with high Nitro boost. It is unknown whether this is because of stats differences, intention to change opponent's behaviours to make it challenging, or bugs. Players should be careful when participating tougher race.
  • When player wants to report a "Missing Medal" game on Tapjoy, the list is not shown. This is because the list is behind of the Tapjoy's interface. Having a Tapjoy's app to track down reward is recommended.

Display Bugs[]

  • Couple of the sprites are not put into proper layering, such as you can see a maximum 3 drivers holding a Gold trophy if you win 10 stars GP events.
  • East Bay race located in Prague have a USA flag instead of CZECH flag.


  • Because Kairosoft games always generate random outcomes when performing many tasks, couple of players perform Soft Reset to re-roll stats gain, before closing the interface and triggering auto-save. This can be done on the 3 vehicle developing stages, to avoid having an unlucky outcome. However, this is not a permanent solution to develop high potential vehicle. Since fatigue and stats are still taken into account.


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