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Overview Edit

Go Out is a way to find more PP, new assistants, inspiration for existing themes and scenes and new locations to explore.


Name Time required Cost Unlocks by
Part-time Job 10 H Free
Initially Available
Library 8 H 30G
Initially Available
Gallery 10 H 50G
Initially Available
Restaurant 10 H 120G Rank 2
Museum 12 H 180G Visit Library & Gallery 3 x
Construction Site 14 H 260G Bargain Bin Artist rank
Department Store 16 H 350G Visit Restaurant 3 x
Zoo 18H 400G Good Artist rank
Game Company 20 H 680G Visit Construction Site 8x
Theme Park 22 H 920G Rank 6
Stadium 24 H 1200G Rank 4
Gadget Store 26 H 3200G Rank 7
Coin Mint 28 H 4880G Visit Theme Park 3 x
Beach 30 H 6200G Manga maestro rank
Staycation 36 H 9800G Gadget Store 20 x
Travel Abroad 40 H 12000G Story Manga Star rank
Spaceflight 48 H 80000G Visit Travel Abroad 4 x
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