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Genres and types are an important aspect when making a game, as each game can only have one, and the ones you choose can greatly affect sales. These each cost different amounts to develop and each has a different popularity with consumers. More importantly is that when you combine different genres and types, it is possible to make combos, which can range from "Not good" to "Amazing!". This can be very important to making a top-selling game.

Unlocking a genre involves getting an employee to a specific level or higher in a specific career. You can also hire someone who already has obtained this level to unlock it. Unlocking a type requires an employee with a specific career at a certain level or higher to use a specific training method to unlock.


Genre Popularity Unlock Condition
Job Level
RPG A Writer 5
Simulation A Coder 4
Sim RPG A Director 1
Table B Initially Available
Action B Writer 3
Adventure C Initially Available
Shooter C Writer 3
Action RPG A Producer 3
Racing B Snd. Eng. 3
Online RPG A Producer 5
Online Sim A Hacker 5
Trivia C Initially Available
Life B Designer 3
Board B Producer 1
Puzzle B Initially Available
Music A Director 5
Audio Novel B Director 2
Motion A Hard. Eng. 4
Educational C Initially Available
Card Game A Hard. Eng. 3


Game types are unlocked when an employee with a specific job uses a specific training technique.

Type Popul
Unlock Condition
Job Min Lvl Training
Sports C Coder 1 Jogging
Exploration C Coder 2 Movie
Martial Arts C Director 1 Movie
Fantasy A Writer 2 Reading
Virtual Pet A Coder 2 Pinball
Samurai A Writer 4 Movie
Dungeon B Coder 2 Game
Romance A Writer 2 Reading
Pirate B Initially Available
Comedy C Producer 1 Movie
Horror C Writer 3 Net Surf
Word A Director 3 Lab Study
Train B Designer 2 Stroll
Animal B Initially Available
Robot C Initially Available
Airplane B Coder 1 Museum
Conv. Store C Coder 3 Stroll
Historical C Initially Available
Bookstore A Snd. Eng. 3 Stroll
Comic Artist A Hard. Eng. 1 Reading
Art B Designer 1 Movie
Movies A Writer 1 Movie
Game Co. A Coder 5 Game
Egypt C Producer 1 Long Trip
Town A Producer 2 Museum
Architecture A Director 1 Long Trip
Lawyer A Director 1 Net Surf
Medieval C Hard. Eng. 2 Movie
Monster C Designer 1 Meditate
Hunting A Designer 3 Game
High School B Coder 3 Stroll
Junior High C Writer 1 College
War B Snd. Eng. 1 Concert
Ninja B Initially Available
Cutie A Designer 3 Concert
Ogre C Writer 5 Meditate
Fashion B Director 2 College
Detective B Writer 2 Reading
Mystery B Writer 1 Reading
Cowboy B Producer 1 Short Trip
Horseshoes C Director 2 Pinball
President B Hard. Eng. 2 Lab Study
Stocks C Coder 4 Lab Study
Cartoon B Writer 3 Anime
Cosplay B Writer 5 Anime
Pop Star C Director 1 Museum
Swimsuit A Hacker 2 Anime
Mini-skirt A Hacker 5 Short Trip
Mushroom C Hacker 2 Short Trip
Poncho B Hacker 1 Long Trip
Chess C Coder 2 Stroll
Checkers C Snd. Eng. 1 Anime
Mahjong B Coder 1 Pinball
Reversi C Initially Available
Dance B Writer 2 Concert
Drums B Producer 1 Reading
Fitness A Snd. Eng. 1 Meditate
Wrestling C Writer 1 Game
Basketball B Writer 2 Jogging
Skiing C Producer 1 Jogging
Snowboard B Director 1 Jogging
Golf B Initially Available
Swimming C Snd. Eng. 1 Meditate
Volleyball C Designer 2 Jogging
Motorsport B Writer 3 Net Surf
Soccer B Designer 2 Jogging
Ping Pong C Coder 2 Jogging
Sumo B Director 1 Stroll
Baseball A Coder 3 Stroll
Wrestling C Snd. Eng. 1 Stroll
Marathon C Initially Available
F1 Racing B Coder 2 Long Trip
Pinball C Writer 1 Pinball
Slots C Writer 3 Pinball
Dating A Designer 3 Anime
Harbor A Coder 1 Short Trip
Time Travel B Producer 1 Meditiate
Spy B Director 1 Long Trip
Celebrity B Coder 2 Concert

Grid View[]

Numbers in parenthesis/brackets signify the level the workers must be at for the training method to work.

Coder Writer Designer Sound Engineer Director Producer Hardware Engineer Hacker




Baseball (3,A)

Train (2,B) Wrestling



Sumo (1,B)






Drums (1,B) Comic Artist (1,A)
Movie Exploration (2,C) Movies (1,A)
Samurai (2,A)
Art (1,B) Martial Arts (1,C) Comedy (1,C) Medieval (2,C)
Anime Cartoon (3,B)
Cosplay (5,B)
Dating (3,A) Checkers(1,C) Swimsuit(2,A)
Game Dungeon (2,B)
Game Co. (5,A)
Wrestling (1,C) Hunting (3,A)

Sports (1,C)
Ping Pong (2,C)

Basketball (2,B) Volleyball (2,C)
Soccer (2,B)
Snowboard (1,B) Skiing (1,C)

Mahjong (1,B)
Virtual Pet (2,A)

Pinball (1,C)
Slots (3,C)
Horseshoes (2,C)
Meditate Ogre (2,C) Monster (1,C) Fitness (1,A)
Swimming (1,C)
Time Travel (1,B)
Concert Celebrity (2,B) Dance (2,B) Cutie (3,A) War (1,B)
Net Surf Horror (3,C)
Motorsport (3,B)
Lawyer (1,A)
Museum Airplane (1,B) Pop Star (1,C) Town (2,A)
College Junior High (1,C) Fashion (2,B)
Lab Study Stocks (4,C) Word (3,A) President (2,B)
Short Trip Harbor (1,A) Cowboy (1,B) Mushroom (2,C)
Mini-skirt (5,A)
Long Trip F1 Racing (2,B) Architecture (1,A)
Spy (1,B)
Egypt (1,C) Poncho (1,B)


Listings not below have no combination ("Nothing"). Before you have used a specific combination before, it will say "First Try".


Amazing! Combinations
Genre Type
RPG (A) Fantasy(A) Mushroom Ogre
Simulation (A) Architecture(A) Bookstore(A) Cartoon Comic Artist(A) Cutie(A) F1 Racing

Game Co.(A) Motorsport Movies(A) Mushroom Pop Star Romance(A) Soccer Town(A) Train Virtual Pet(A)

Sim RPG (A)
Table (B) Mahjong Poncho
Action (B) Basketball Historical Horror Ninja Ogre  Sumo
Adventure (C) Cartoon Cowboy Detective Mystery
Shooter (C) Horseshoes Robot
Action RPG (A) Hunting(A) Poncho Spy
Racing (B) Motorsport Snowboard
Online RPG (A) Medieval
Online Sim (A) Architecture(A) Conv. Store Game Co.(A) Mushroom Pop Star  Stocks Swimming Virtual Pet(A)
Trivia (C) Comedy Cosplay Mini-skirt(A) Sumo
Life (B) Animal Comic Artist(A) Dating(A) F1 Racing Game Co.(A) Mushroom Ping Pong Pop Star  Soccer Town(A) Word(A) Wrestling
Board (B) Chess
Puzzle (B) Checkers Reversi
Music (A) Dance Drums
Audio Novel (B) Cowboy Cutie(A) Dating(A) Detective Horror Movies(A) Romance(A)
Motion (A) Dance Drums Fitness(A) Pinball Pop Star  Skiing Slots Snowboard Volleyball
Educational (C)
Card Game (A) Comic Artist(A)


Creative Combinations
Genre Type
RPG Architecture Art Cosplay Dance F1 Racing Golf Horror Sumo Train Virtual Pet
Simulation Mini-skirt Sports Swimming
Table Fashion Martial Arts
Action Comedy Dance Dating Detective Golf Lawyer Pinball Train
Adventure Comedy Cosplay Horseshoes Martial Arts Mini-skirt Ninja Ping Pong Train
Shooter F1 Racing Fantasy Historical Hunting Lawyer Mahjong Martial Arts Mushroom Virtual Pet Wrestling
Action RPG Basketball Dance Volleyball
Racing Baseball Checkers Cosplay Cowboy Cutie Dating Dungeon Fitness Game Co. Mini-skirt Monster Mushroom Ogre President Samurai Train
Online RPG Exploration Swimsuit
Online Sim Poncho Reversi
Trivia Pirate Romance Swimsuit
Life Art Fantasy
Board Horseshoes Snowboard
Puzzle Art Egypt Fantasy Fashion Sports
Music Basketball Checkers Conv. Store Cowboy Cutie Dating Detective F1 Racing Horseshoes Mahjong Ping Pong Swimsuit Wrestling
Audio Novel Animal Baseball Martial Arts Mini-skirt Swimming Town
Motion Architecture Bookstore Cartoon Comedy Cosplay Cutie Dating Horseshoes Monster Mystery Ogre Romance Sports Stocks Swimsuit Virtual Pet Word Wrestling
Card Game

Not Bad[]

Not Bad Combinations
Genre Type
RPG Cartoon Cowboy Dungeon Egypt Exploration Marathon Medieval Mystery
Simulation Airplane Animal Baseball Comedy Conv. Store Cowboy Dating Egypt High School Historical Hunting Junior High Lawyer Mahjong Pinball Pirate President Samurai Slots Stocks Volleyball Word
Table Checkers Chess Dungeon Fantasy Medieval Pinball Reversi Slots War Word
Action Airplane Baseball Cartoon Cowboy Drums Dungeon Exploration F1 Racing High School Junior High Marathon Martial Arts Motorsport Ping Pong Robot Samurai Skiing Soccer Sports Swimming Wrestling
Adventure Art Cutie Dating Egypt Fantasy Horror Medieval Romance Sumo Volleyball
Shooter Airplane Dungeon Fashion Golf Monster Ninja War
Action RPG Cartoon Cowboy Exploration Fantasy Medieval
Racing Airplane F1 Racing Golf Marathon Skiing Sports Swimming Virtual Pet
Online RPG Dungeon Fantasy Historical Hunting
Online Sim Bookstore Historical Motorsport Samurai War Wrestling
Trivia Cartoon Chess Comic Artist Cowboy Cutie Dating Egypt F1 Racing Fitness Golf Lawyer Monster Movies Mushroom Ninja Pop Star Robot Snowboard Soccer Train
Life Baseball Basketball Comedy Conv. Store Cosplay Cutie Dance Detective Motorsport Movies President Sports Sumo Swimming Wrestling
Board Baseball Cartoon Checkers Dungeon Mahjong Medieval Ping Pong Reversi Samurai Slots Train
Puzzle Chess Mahjong Slots Word
Music Movies Pop Star Snowboard
Audio Novel Fashion High School Historical Junior High Mystery Pop Star Sumo War
Motion Basketball F1 Racing Horror Motorsport President
Card Game


Hmm... Combinations
Genre Type
RPG Basketball Conv. Store Hunting Romance Wrestling
Simulation Martial Arts Mystery
Sim RPG Wrestling
Table Art Egypt Horror Monster President Snowboard Wrestling
Action Architecture Checkers Comic Artist Conv. Store Cosplay Pop Star Stocks Town Volleyball
Adventure Game Co. Motorsport
Shooter Animal Bookstore Chess Cutie Dance Exploration High School Junior High Ogre Ping Pong Samurai Soccer Sports Stocks Sumo
Action RPG Baseball Romance
Racing Art Bookstore Comic Artist Movies Ninja War
Online RPG Animal President Samurai Slots Town
Online Sim Animal President Word
Life Airplane Dungeon Horror Ogre Stocks
Board Architecture High School Historical Hunting Junior High Mystery Virtual Pet
Puzzle Basketball Dungeon Exploration Historical Horror Marathon Martial Arts Monster Mystery Pirate Robot Romance Volleyball War
Music Art Bookstore Dungeon Fantasy Game Co. Hunting Lawyer Swimming Virtual Pet
Audio Novel Chess Lawyer Ogre Pirate Sports
Motion Art Mushroom
Card Game

Not Good[]

Not Good Combinations
Genre Type
RPG Airplane Checkers Chess Comedy Comic Artist Stocks
Table Basketball Cosplay Detective Pirate
Action Romance
Adventure Airplane Architecture Marathon Stocks War
Shooter Baseball Checkers Comic Artist Conv. Store Detective Marathon Movies Pirate Pop Star President Slots Town
Action RPG Art Sports Swimming Word
Racing Architecture Cartoon Detective Fantasy High School Historical Horror Junior High Lawyer Mahjong Martial Arts Pinball Ping Pong Pirate Pop Star Reversi Romance Soccer Stocks Sumo Word Wrestling
Online RPG Motorsport Mystery Word
Online Sim Martial Arts Pirate
Trivia Dungeon Ogre
Board Airplane Mushroom
Puzzle F1 Racing Motorsport Ninja Skiing Stocks Town
Music Chess Comic Artist Cosplay Exploration Historical Horror Mushroom Samurai Sports Stocks
Audio Novel Airplane Reversi Stocks
Motion Dungeon Fantasy Game Co.
Card Game


  • Space and Jumprope are inaccessible in the game as there is an unused training method, Retreat. They would have been unlocked by the designer and the coder by going to the Retreat. This can be seen in the game's code. [1]