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Friend IDs allow players to connect with other players over the Internet.

List of IDsEdit

Below is a list of player IDs. If you wish to included yours, please add yours to the beginning of the list. If you wish to "bump" yours to the top of the list feel free, but please remove / move your old entry. Do not leave your ID as a comment, it will be removed.

Add your ID to th​​e list [Refresh list]

PLEASE add your ID to the TOP of the list
  • 659923692 LV 50 Thief/Cleric helping u all!
  • 760837124 Good Friends
  • 151804446 27lv Knight/5lv Wizard with B lv weapon/S lv armor
  • 954863949 novice
  • 844629854
  • 134608792 I am a new thief/tamer player.
  • 324653286 16lv/4lv Started recently so Im not the greatest.
  • 208010192
  • 122974972
  • 215294790 25lv/13lv very active and fast lvling
  • 722644721 Every day player Tamer lvl 20+
  • 108938541 lv 40+ cleric/tamer
  • 525026576
  • 462414994 lv 20+/20+ cleric/tamer active player
  • 925866396 lv 18 pirate/warrior 1 active player
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