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All types of fishing gear can be leveled by catching fish. The bigger the fish caught, the more exp the gear will earn. The maximum level for all types of gear is 5. Increasing the gear's level will increase its stats too.


Determines how far the fishing area coverage is. Better rods allow to cover all distance in the fishing spot.

Name Max
Unlock Condition
Bamboo Rod 8.4m Initially Available
Fishing Rod 12.6m "Rod 1" Research
Nice Rod 19.9m "Rod 2" Research
Far Flying Rod 29.3m "Rod 3" Research
Gold Rod 54.4m "Final Rod" Research


Determines the distance where fishes that bites the hook can be instantly reeled in.

Name Max
Unlock Condition
Reel 2.0m Initially Available
Bronze Reel 3.0m "Reel 1" Research
Nice Reel 6.0m "Reel 2" Research
Silver Reel 10.0m "Reel 3" Research
Gold Reel 30.0m "Final Reel" Research


Determines how strong the fishing line is. Stronger lines allow longer duration to reel in fish.

Name Max
Unlock Condition
Fishing Line 8 Initially Available
Bronze Line 12 "Line 1" Research
Nice Line 30 "Line 2" Research
Silver Line 60 "Line 3" Research
Gold Line 250 "Final Line" Research


Determines how deep a fish hook with the lures can reach.

Name Max
Unlock Condition
Red Lure 2.5m Initially Available
Light Lure 4.5m "Lure 1" Research
Nice Lure 6.0m "Lure 2" Research
Fancy Lure 8.5m "Lure 3" Research
Gold Lure 12.0m "Final Lure" Research