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Fish Pond Park is a tourist management sim. You run a tourist office and your goal is to attract tourists to visit your wonderful landscape. You can fish, farm, and you can harvest wood and other things. You can earn cards that could create land and fishing spots.

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • When increasing max amount of money, it's displayed as its yen equivalent but listed as dollar. e.g 2,000,000 which in actual is 20,000.
  • When collectible buildings level up, description says +1 collectable Wood/Feed, but the collector still collects the base amounts (Android Version).
  • For Inn and Hot Spring Inn, when adding new Dishes to the Menu, the Dialog Header is still in Japanese and not yet translated. Furthermore, on the 2nd page, all the possible dishes are unselectable. This is quite fatal, because with a full known set dishes list in the Hot Spring Inn, the last 2 dishes (Banana Milk and Cherry Pie) will never be selectable again.
  • When trying to unlock fishes, there's a bug in which the fish won't unlock even if the conditions are met, in this case, remove all the fishes and re-adding them before trying to unlock will solve the issue.
  • When improving buildings, the improvement bar can sometimes show 100% while in reality it's no where near 100%, also the "collector" tend to disappear (Visual Bug).
  • When getting Cherry Tree, the name of the tree is displayed in Japanese. (The mini text box on the bottom).
  • Sometime the button on the left bottom is not working (the back bottom), resulting in you cannot close the window, the only way to fix this is to shut down the app and restart it or choose the option in the window if allowed.
  • At least in the Android version, the Gold Rod levels up from level 2 directly to level 5 (max).


  • The game seems to be in a older style with a different font than usually used in Kairosoft games. This is mostly likely due to it being released on DoCoMo back in 2009, making it one of their old Mobile games.

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