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Filming sites are locations your film takes place in. You can upgrade filming sites to make tourist money[Confirm]. Unlock some themes requires filming at certain sites. Sites are leveled up as they are used, up to the max of level nine.

You can see the list of sites by scrolling to the far left of the game. Here you can see site details, and also unlock new ones you've discovered.

Filming sitesEdit

Site Name Film Cost Purchase Cost Compatibility Discoverable Themes Unlock Condition
Studio Only 0K
Initially Available
Mountain 300K
Initially Available
Seaside 600K
Initially Available
Riverside 200K 650K
Wilderness 1000K 900K
Field 400K 1500K
Forest 800K 2500K Rank 1
Snowfield 1500K 3200K
Desert 2000K 4450K Rank 1
Night-Time City 2000K 12,000K Rank 2
Japanese House 1500K 12,000K Rank 2
School 2700K 20,400K Wish Request
House 2400K 31,800K Wish Request
Abandoned House 2000K 53,200K Wish Request
Old Japan 3700K 75,600K Wish Request
Office 2200K 100,000K Wish Request
Base 5000K 174,000K Wish Request
Cavern 9000K 188,000K Wish Request
Underwater 12,000K 250,000K Wish Request
Dreamland 15,700K 316,000K Wish Request
Sky 20,000K 430,000K Wish Request
Star 45,000K 550,000K Wish Request
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