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These fights are 2D fighting minigames with limited controls. Winning these fights for the 1st time rewards cash and sometimes unlocks customers and structures.

Redoing these fights will only reward satisfaction points. All fights (except exhibition fights which can only be tried once) can be tried as many times. If you won the fight, it will be unavailable for a full month until it refreshed again with the exception Rank Matchup fights that cannot be replayed.

Sometimes opponents may level up and increase in strength. This should happen if it was defeated a number of times. Strength listed in the table are initial strength value.

There are 9 Fighting Avatars in the game. The table will only list the initial.

  • A (Assistant) : Very fast fighter with very quick combo attacks.
  • B (Bun-chan) : Overall fighter with no apparent strengths or weakness.
  • C (Chunchun) : Fast fighter with decent combo but rather low attack power.
  • D (Dragonface) : Slow fighter with very high but slow attack power.
  • K (Kairobot) : High overall fighter.
  • M (Mochipon Jet) : Slow fighter with high def and attack.
  • N (Ninja Kid) : Fast fighter with low attack power.
  • R (Ryuichiro) : Rather slow fighter with more than average attack power.
  • S (Speedy Joe) : Fast fighter with quick attacks.

Avatar written with additional '+' suffix is a powered-up version of the standard avatar. Their auras always activate during the fight giving them 100% boost in attack and def.

Fights List[]

Name Rank Fee Availability Opponents
Cash Reward Unlocks
vs Another Arcade F 2,000 All High Schooler (R/?) 30,000
vs Troublemaker F 1,000 All

Troublemaker (S/?)

vs Rock Musician F 2,000 All Rock Star (S/?)
vs Teacher F 2,500 Children, Students Teacher (R/?)
vs Granny F 2,500 All Granny (B/?)
E Rank Matchup E-ranked fights
vs Comedian E 3,000 All Comedian (R/?)
vs Movie Mogul E 3,500 All Movie Mogul (S/?)
vs Superhero E 4,000 All Superhero (N/?)
vs Candy Lover E 4,500 Males Candy Lover (S/?)
vs Animal Lover E 4,500 All Animal Lover (B/?)
D Rank Matchup D-ranked fights
vs Urban Woman D 5,000 All Urban Woman (C/?)
vs Decorator D 6,000 All Decorator (N/?)
vs Pro Gamer D 7,000 All Pro Gamer (M/?)
vs Ping-pong Pro D 8,000 All Ping-pong Pro (S/?)
vs Sweet Sisters D 9,000 Females Naive Kid (B/?)
Innocent Girl (C/?)
C Rank Matchup C-ranked fights
vs Maitre d' C 10,000 All

Maitre d' (R/?)

vs Very Bad Egg C 11,000 All Very Bad Egg (S/?)
vs Mysterious Spy C 12,000 All Spy (C/?)
vs Seamstress C 13,000 All Costumer (C/?)
Seamstress (M/?)
vs Game Club C 14,000 Children, Students, Youths Young Boy (N/?)
B Rank Matchup B-ranked fights
vs King Ackbar B 15,000 All Fieldtrip Kid (C/?)
King Ackbar (D/?)
vs Private Tutor B 16,000 All Private Tutor (B/?)
vs Sakura B 17,000 Females Sakura (A/?)
vs Management B 18,000 All Big Boss (A/?)
vs Teashop Owner B 18,000 All Sofa Salesman (M/?)
Teashop Owner (D/?)
A Rank Matchup A-ranked fights
vs Chimpan Z A 20,000 All Chimpan Z (B/?)
vs Sakura A 21,000 Youths, Adults, Tourists Sakura (S/?)
vs Fashionista A 22,000 All Fashionista (R/?)
vs Manager A 23,000 Youths, Adults, Seniors Office Worker (R/?)
Manager (M/?)
vs Birdwatcher A 23,000 All Observer (S/?)
S Rank Matchup S-ranked fights
vs Mystery Robot S 25,000 All Mystery Robot (K/?)
vs Mahjong Madam S 26,000 All Mahjong Madam (D/?)
vs Sally Prin S 27,000 All SP (B/?)
Sally Prin(K/?)
vs Extreme Gamer S 28,000 All Extreme Gamer (R/?)
vs Games Guru S 30,000 All Combo King (M/?)
vs Sally Prin 2 S 100,0000 All Kairobot (D+/1,800)
Sally Prin(K+/2,000)