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Events can play a fairly important part in the development of your village. First there's a number of 1-time events for expanding your town and Cauldron, but a number repeatable ones as well. These can raise stats of either all your Adventurers, or the popularity of your village.

It is useful to note that certain Jobs Adventures have can increase / decrease the effectiveness of stat-increasing events.

At first you start off only being able to do 3 events every season, but eventually can do up to a max of 5. You unlock the ability to do more events as your village's rank goes up, with Rank 3 unlocking 4 max events, and Rank 5 unlocking 5 max events.

Repeatable EventsEdit

Repeatable events reset seasonally. The Shop also restocks seasonally (after the first time Pumpkin Products show up Y 1 M 11 W 4).

Training Camp Unlocks at Building School

Repeatable Events
Name Price VillagePoints-DungeonVillage Effect Unlocks at Description
BBQ Contest 40 Satisfaction-DungeonVillage+ 600 Pop. Try lots of choice meats.
Melon Eating Contest 80 Satisfaction-DungeonVillage++ 1100 Pop. Watch the seeds go flying.
Stew Party 120 Satisfaction-DungeonVillage+++ 2800 Pop. Have some nice seafood stew.
Cake Contest 200 Satisfaction-DungeonVillage++++ 3000 Pop. Make and eat cakes.
Marathon 60 Hth-DungeonVillage+ 200 Pop. Have a friendly race.
Athletic Meet 200 Hth-DungeonVillage++ 3600 Pop. Be a good sport!
Joint Training 60 Str-DungeonVillage+ 800 Pop. Test your mettle in training.
Training Camp 200 Str-DungeonVillage++

Build a school.

Have a pillow fight before bed.
Melee Training 60 Dex-DungeonVillage+ 1700 Pop. Learn some simple techniques.
Weapons Lecture 200 Dex-DungeonVillage++ 3900 Pop. Learn how to use weapons.
Weight Lifting 60 Tgh-DungeonVillage+ 2-star town Learn popular exercises.
Sea Training 200 Tgh-DungeonVillage++ 4300 Pop. Get soothed by the waves.
Magic Theory 1 60 Sprt-DungeonVillage+ 3300 Pop. A beginner's course.
Magic Theory 2 200 Sprt-DungeonVillage++ Building Magic Lab With a special instructor.
Meteor Viewing 60 Luck-DungeonVillage+ 2000 Pop. Wish 3 times for good luck.
Casino Party 200 Luck-DungeonVillage++ 4900 Pop. Improve gambler's instincts.
Art Show 40 20 Pop. 1-star town Get an artistic image.
Concert 60 25 Pop. 2500 Pop. Be soothed by classical music.
Product Show 100 30 Pop. 3-star town Exhibit local products.
Fireworks Show 150 40 Pop. 4-star town Ooh! Aah!
Dance Party 200 50 Pop. 5-star town Invite townspeople to a dance.
Museum Tour 160 40 Pop. Building Museum Get an intellectual image.
Circus Party 160 40 Pop. Building Circus Attract attention to the town.
Cleaning Party 20 10 Pop.
Initially Available
Clean up to boost Popularity.
Town Watch 30 15 Pop. 2-star town Patrol to preserve safety.

One Time EventsEdit

One Time Events
Name Price VillagePoints-DungeonVillage Effect Unlock Description
Expand Town 1 100 1000 Pop.
Expand Town 2 200 Four star town
Add Cauldron 100 Adds Cauldron Two star town
Expand Cauldron 1 100 Cauldron size from 10 to 20 items 20 Knowledge
Expand Cauldron 2 Cauldron size from 20 to 30 items 100 Knowledge

Automatic EventsEdit

Automatic events trigger after your popularity bar is filled all the way.

  • Getting a medal:
    Getting Medal-DungeonVillage
    After your village gains enough popularity, there is a chance you will be given a medal. Medals can then be used at the end of the year to increase an adventurer's work and satisfaction by 10 each. Certain jobs can only be given to an adventure after they have been assigned a specific numbers of medals. You can obtain multiple medals in one year, and after you run out of new monsters / adventurers / events, you will only obtain medals.
  • New Monster Appearance: Every so often a new monster will appear after, and this monster may even possibly talk to you about why it decided to join the battle against your village.
  • New events: you can possibly be awarded with new events.
  • New Adventurer: You can possibly unlock a new adventurer visiting your village. Note that for an adventurer to move in is different than an adventurer starting to visit the village.
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