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There are 3 essential equipments that must exist in a ramen shop. A stove, a boiler and a bowls counter. At least one each of these equipments must exists in any ramen shop.

Aside from those 3 equipments, additional equipments maybe installed to provide additional bonuses to the shop.

How many equipments that can be put inside the shop depends on the size of the shop. Bigger shops has bigger space allowing it to have more equipments installed in it. There's no cost to install/change an equipment.




Image Name Description
1-Burner Stove (The Ramen Sensei).png 1-Burner Stove A basic stove
2-Burner Stove (The Ramen Sensei).png 2-Burner Stove A more convenient stove
4-Burner Stove (The Ramen Sensei).png 4-Burner Stove Make soup super quick
Golden Stove (The Ramen Sensei).png Golden Stove Extra large capacity stove



Image Name Description
4-Pot Boiler (The Ramen Sensei).png 4-Pot Boiler A basic noodle boiler
8-Pot Boiler (The Ramen Sensei).png 8-Pot Boiler Cook 8 pots at the same time
12-Pot Boiler (The Ramen Sensei).png 12-Pot Boiler Cook 12 pots at the same time
Golden Boiler (The Ramen Sensei).png Golden Boiler A legendary golden boiler



Image Name Description
4-Spot Counter (The Ramen Sensei).png 4-Spot Counter A basic counter
6-Spot Counter (The Ramen Sensei).png 6-Spot Counter A nice counter
8-Spot Counter (The Ramen Sensei).png 8-Spot Counter An amazing counter
12-Spot Counter (The Ramen Sensei).png 12-Spot Counter A super amazing counter



Image Name Effect Description
Folding Chair (The Ramen Sensei).png Folding Chair Restore stamina on a staff that uses it Sit down for a short rest
Bench (The Ramen Sensei).png Bench Faster stamina restoration on a staff that uses it Lie down and take a good rest
Faucet (The Ramen Sensei).png Faucet Gives temporary cooking stat buff to staff that uses it Temporarily boosts cooking
Service Manual (The Ramen Sensei).png Service Manual Gives temporary service stat buff to staff that uses it Temporarily boosts service
Drinking Fountain (The Ramen Sensei).png Drinking Fountain Gives temporary speed stat buff to staff that uses it Temporarily boosts speed
Chimpan Z Statue (The Ramen Sensei).png Chimpan Z Statue Gives temporary buff at 3 stats to staff that uses it Temporarily boosts cook/serv/spd
Air Purifier (The Ramen Sensei).png Air Purifier Increases chance for staffs to get an aura Helps trigger auras
Cutting Board (The Ramen Sensei).png Cuttting Board Reduces toppings' difficulty in ramens.
Only works if a cook is assigned to handle presentation
Helps when finishing up ramen
Exhaust Fan (The Ramen Sensei).png Exhaust Fan Increase Aroma stat effect on queueing customers.
(Increases aura trigger chance)
Aroma's effect on line +50%
Fan (The Ramen Sensei).png Fan Reduce staffs' stamina consumption Stamina goes down more slowly
Refrigerator (The Ramen Sensei).png Refrigerator Increase customers' score rating.
(Increases customers' xp)
Fresher=better customer scores
Artisan Statue (The Ramen Sensei).png Artisan Statue Reduce debuffs caused by rivals' shops by 50% Cuts rival effects by 50%