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Equipment comes in three forms: Weapons, Armor, and Skill Books. Weapons improve the attack attribute of residents, increasing damage dealt to enemies. Armor improves the defense attribute, reducing damage dealt to the resident. Skill Books are consumed when used, switching the resident's current skill with the base form of the skill contained in the book.

Special MessageEdit

Name Found Message

While I was exploring the Chasm region, I noticed something reflecting the beam of my flashlight...I looked closer and found a nice sharp Knife!

(James Turk)


Weapons come in two forms: Close and Far. Close range weapons are only effective from the front line, while Far range weapons can be used from the second row (and occasionally from the third row when used by a resident with the Sharpshooter skill).

Some rare far range weapons can also pierce through the first target, dealing reduced damage to additional enemies. These weapons divide their base damage among targets, dealing the most to the first target, less to the next, even less to the next, until the shot cannot deal any more damage.

Name Range Attack Unlock Condition Description Notes
Club Close 8 Weapons 1
Knife Close 10 Weapons 1
Shortsword Close 13 Weapons 3
Longsword Close 18 Weapons 4
Battle Axe Close 22 Weapons 5
Sword Close 26 Weapons 6
Hammer Close 30 Weapons 7
Beam Saber Close 36 Weapons 7, Electronics 4
Drill Close 40 Weapons 7, Mine 3 Hits enemy 5 times per attack, for full damage each hit
Heat Axe Close 32 Reward for 60% home planet exploration
Force Sword Close 44 Bottomless Chasm 4
Golden Axe Close 42 Bottomless Chasm 13 3 sec wind-up and hits for ~4x damage
Shock Blade Far 10 Reward for 20% home planet exploration This is an unusual knife that creates a shockwave. Pierces targets
Wind Blade Far 24 Reward for 90% home planet exploration Also Bottomless Chasm 1
Rock Far 5 Cannot be unlocked Initially equipped to Bev Smasher
Boomerang Far 6 Weapons 2
Throwing Knife Far 8 Weapons 3
Throwing Star Far 10 Weapons 4
Iron Boomerang Far 13 Weapons 5
Pistol Far 16 Weapons 6
Bazooka Far 19 Weapons 7
Beam Rifle Far 22 Weapons 7, Electronics 4 Pierces targets
Multi-Bazooka Far 25 Bottomless Chasm 7 Fires 3 times per attack, for full damage each hit
Plasma Rifle Far 28 Bottomless Chasm 10 Slow moving beam that pierces and hits targets multiple times.


All armor (with the exception of the Chimpan Z Suit) serves the singular purpose of increasing a resident's defense, thus reducing damage dealt to the resident.

Name Defense Unlock Notes
Battle Gear 20 Armor 1
Space Suit 30 Armor 2
power Suit 1 40 Armor 3
Power Suit 2 50 Armor 4
Power Suit 3 60 Armor 5
Chimpan Z Suit 5 100% home planet reward Can capture a small enemy once per expedition.
Kairo Suit 60 Bottomless Chasm Level 16 Can capture any kind of enemy once per expedition.

Chimpan Z SuitEdit

This special piece of armor is awarded for 100% exploration of the home planet and will carry over to future playthroughs even if awarded after the current playthrough has ended. Because of this, it is advised to unlock this armor before starting a second and subsequent playthrough.

When equipped, the resident changes appearance to that of a young Chimpan, as seen throughout the Kairosoft games. When this resident defeats enemies during exploration, there is a chance they will be "captured", becoming a resident. The following rules apply to captures:

  • Only one enemy can be captured per expedition.
  • Only one copy of an enemy can be captured.
  • A captured enemy fully heals and joins the resident combat forces at the back of the capturer's line.
  • A captured enemy becomes a resident after the battle is which it was captured, whether victorious or defeated.
  • Some enemies, most notably "large" enemies, cannot be captured.

Due to the fact that captured enemies become residents the moment battle ends, regardless of whether or not the battle was successful, different enemies can be "farmed" from a single sector by running from battle once an enemy has been captured, then repeating the sector exploration.

Kairo SuitEdit

This speicial piece of armor is found deep in the Bottomless Chasm and is a better version of the Chimpan Z Suit:

  • Changes appearance of the resident to Kairobot.
  • Higher armor value.
  • Will catch any enemy in the game.

Skill BooksEdit

Given as home planet and Bottomless Chasm exploration rewards, skill books are used to change a resident's skill. Skill Books are consumed when used and teach the resident the base form of the listed skill, requiring the resident to gain levels to raise the skill. Because of this, they are best used on residents that already have a base level skill (Rage as opposed to Rage 2, for example).

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