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Enemies are the primary obstacle during exploration. On all alien worlds other than Octopi, the first encounter  during exploration will be a battle. During home planet exploration, the final encounter during each exploration will be a battle, and during cave/chasm exploration, the second to last encounter will be a battle. All enemies have a Defense stat of 0.

Name Skill Size Health Attack Explore Found Notes
Small 10 3 Plain, Wasteland
Don Pork
Small 40 8 Plain, Wasteland
Octopi Bandit
Small 10 3 Plain
Octopi Bandit Chief
Large 100 15 Plain
Don Cluck
Small 24 12 Plain
Knife Pirate Power Strike Small 70 16 R-Gray, Tentaclus, Planta, Saucer
Sword Pirate Power Strike 2 Small 180 32 R-Gray, Tentaclus, Planta, Saucer
Zaurus Cube
Large 100 18 Plain
Water Spirit
Small 30 9 Swamp
Water Snake
Small 50 12 Swamp
Merman Recovery Small 60 15 Swamp
Small 80 18 Swamp
Water Giant Recovery 2 Large 100 23 Swamp
Lightning Spirit
Small 80 16 Snowfield
Small 120 18 Snowfield
Yeti Power Strike Small 140 24 Snowfield
Snow Giant Power Strike 2 Large 200 34 Snowfield
Pirate Officer Rage Small 260 42 Tentaclus, Saucer
Pirate Cannon
Large 220 26 Tentaclus Ranged
Pirate Boomerang
Small 60 5 Planta Ranged
Pistol Pirate Power Shot Small 120 12 Planta Ranged
Large 280 32 Saucer Ranged; Fires 6 shots per attack
Small 120 28 Desert
Sand Snake Rage Small 180 32 Desert
Sand Dragon Rage Large 240 42 Desert
Mechatank Power Shot 3 Large 280 28 Mechabot Ranged; Fires 4 shots per attack
Fire Spirit
Small 160 30 Volcano
Fireball Power Strike Small 180 36 Volcano
Lava Man Rage 2 Small 220 42 Volcano
Lava Mage Rage 3 Large 300 52 Volcano
Saucer Ambassador Sharpshooter 3 Large 500 48 ?, Bottomless Chasm Ranged; Shots pierce line, hitting three targets, hits 3rd in line twice

Enemies as ResidentsEdit

Enemies defeated by a resident wearing the Chimpan Z Suit may be captured and will become a permanent resident after battle, regardless of victory or defeat. Captured residents have the same statistics and skills as listed here, as well as 0 Work and Ability. Captured enemies cannot equip weapons or armor and level 1. Raising the level of a captured enemy raises Health and sometimes Exploration, but never Ability, Work, Attack or Defense.

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