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Enemies, be they normal mobs or bosses, may drop chests. Red Chests hold consumable items, while Blue chest-dungeon village Blue Chests hold equipment, which gives one free weapon/armor to give to an adventurer, as well as unlock the ability to buy more / for adventurers to buy more. Blue chest-dungeon village Blue Chests are the only way to unlock an armor type, although not the only way to obtain one, as a visiting adventurer may use a weapon you have not yet obtained. Chests may also be obtained in dungeons. You can also develop new items.


Regular monsters can be found on the field, in dungeons, and in quests. If monsters on the field are not defeated, after awhile they will go away. As your village gets stronger, new monsters appear and replace the old ones.

Image Name EXP Gold Bar (Dungeon Village)Gold VillagePoints-DungeonVillageVP Description Intro1 Notes
Balbo 4 50G +3 A cute and jiggly enemy.
Initially Available
Mozar 5 80G +3 Looks for food with tentacles.
Initially Available
Kakakari 7 100G +4 Hard appearance, soft heart.
Initially Available
Pow-Pow 9 125G +4 Attacks with sharp ears.
Mush-Roo 14 200G +4 A mutated wild mushroom.
Orblob 16 150G +4 Soft, with lots of moisture.
Crabkin 18 175G +5 Side-walking master.
Mojo-Jobo 19 175G +5 A wild Moja on a stoll.
Maskoro 20 200G +5 Mysterious masked warrior.
Banshetta 20 240G +6 A haunting spirit.
Sparkee 21 280G +6 Hotter thank it looks.
Bilbo 22 260G +6 Slime that walks on 2 legs.
Death Fairy 23 350G +7 A mischievous flying spirit.
Loxo 23 225G +7 Arm-wrestling runner-up.
Slabby 24 210G +7 An iron-hard jelly.
Kingclick 24 235G +8 Struggles with heavy pinchers.
Arbon 26 260G +8 Rogue tree spirit.
Targ 28 500G +8 Runaway from a wealthy family.
Pellpo 28 335G +9 Has a generator on its head.
Kappton 32 290G +9 Hails from the Far East.
Moledo 33 260G +9 Bought sunglasses on vacation.
Shrood 33 365G +10 A mutated mushroom.
Hatskee 40 325G +10 Attacks with sound waves.
Semibot 40 625G +10 Robot with latest technology.
Bramblee 33 365G +11 Looking for fallen leaves.
Pegasee 44 550G +11 Roams the skies on batlike wings.
Mothrad 48 490G +11 Flaps wings 30k times/second.
Boxobot 52 700G +12 Arm-wrestling champion.
Devvino 64 675G +12 Looking for tomato juice.

Draggi - Dungeon Village

Draggi 120 1500G +18 Said to be world's scariest monster. Uses Draggo's sprite, but is a different monster.

1. Marks if the monster introduces itself when it first appears.


Boss monsters appear as quests, but unlike normal quests your town loses popularity points the longer the boss is rampaging (not defeated). After you defeat every boss monster, they "cycle", with you facing the first one again. However, their actual names change as they cycle, from bossName1 -> bossName2.

You will be warned of an upcoming monster attack by a message on the bottom of the screen about hearing loud foot steps.

The bosses in the game appear in the following order:

No Image Name Description Village Points EXP Gold (G)
1 Draggi - Dungeon Village Draggo 30 300 1000

Dungeon Village - Dragga

3 Dungeon Village - Dragtoise Dragtoise Dragon family's second son.
4 Dragtwins - Dungeon Village Dragtwins Dragon family identical twins.
5 Magic - Dungeon Village Magic Dragon family's protective mother. 30 350 1000
6 Dragofsky - Dungeon Village Dragofsky Dragon family's armor-clad eldest son. 30 500 1000
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