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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game "ends" on Y 11 M 4, 07:00

Score CalculationEdit

Grade X 5000
Arena Wins X 1000
Regulars X 500
Total Cust. Level X 30
Total Staff Stats X 1
Total Shop Pop./Charisma X 10


Reaching year 11 unlocks Turbo mode and hard mode.

Differences in hard mode are:

  • Rivals have double stat debuff effects.
  • Rivals seemed to have higher stats in showdowns.


Does carry over

  • Toppings. Level and xp will carry over. Amount will be carried over IF AND ONLY IF it's put as toppings in any ramen recipes when endgame calculations begin. These also includes limited toppings.
  • Store's equipments. Maximum 4 of each found equipment will be carried over.
  • Items
  • Soup Ingredients, Amount along with their xp and level.
  • Flours and Kansuis, Amount along with their xp and level.
  • Limited Ramen Hall Facilities that's unlocked prior Endgame. This includes Japanese Ponds and Gold Kairo Statues. All amount of Limited Ramen Hall Facilities will be carried over.
  • Staffs' stats. Salary is reduced by 50%. See following subsection for details.

Does not carry over

  • Customers' level, preferences and sales areas are reset.
  • Found noodles and soup's compatibilites are reset.
  • Money
  • Spirit Points

There are reports that customers' wallet is sometimes partially carried over to subsequent replays. However the condition(s) for this are unknown.

Staffs' stats carry over Edit

For 2nd and subsequent replays, all carried over stats is calculated using the following formula :

  • New Stat = (Old Stat + Base Stat) / 2
    • Old Stat = Stat from previous replay at Endgame.
    • Base Stat = Stat from fresh new game without any replay.
    • This formula apply on the Cook, Serv, Spd and Stam stats.

For Common staffs, will always follow the 2nd- replays of Unique Staffs.

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