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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game "ends" on Y 16 M 4

Score CalculationEdit

Top players - pocket league story 2

Top Players of the Year

Performance - pocket league story 2


At the end of each in-game year ( 16yr 4m 1w ) Your team's overall performance will be calculated, this includes:

  • Top Player Of The Year
  • Matches ( Wins, Losses, Draws )
  • New Fans
  • Popularity
  • Overall ( Pts )
  • Coach's Lv
  • Scout Lv ( FW, MF, DF, GK )
  • Hard Mode Bonus (double points)


Does carry over

  • Formations
  • Lucky Target Players (in "Hire players")
  • Items
  • Starting Players (i.e. "the brand new game team")
  • LV Facility
  • LV Sponsor
  • LV Coaches
  • Stats and Skills of Players (Category will be reset to original)
  • Friends
  • "Fast mode" setting
  • Compatibilitiy list

Does not carry over

  • Coins
  • Gold
  • Research Points
  • Fans
  • Evaluation / Rank # (Local, Regional etc.)
  • Support
  • Training List
  • Web Player Not change
  • Player popularity
  • LV Scout
  • Fan activities
  • Achievements
  • Roster (Except player created) - Team can be hired later

Hard ModeEdit

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