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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game "ends" on Y 14 M 4

Score CalculationEdit

Final Funds x 3/10
Research Data x 30
Races Won x 2000
GPs Won x 15000
Vehicle Types x 2500
Parts x 1300
Upgrades x 320
Sponsors x 950
Total Advertising x 2


Does carry over 

  • Vehicle data, with levels and upgrades
  • Parts data, with levels and upgrades

Does not carry over

  • Money
  • Research points
  • Built vehicles or part installs
  • Drivers or stats
  • Mechanics or levels
  • Races or best times
  • Sponsors or ad effect levels

New GameEdit

When starting a new game past the first, you choose a vehicle and part in the main menu. These choices come from vehicles/parts unlocked in previous completed play-throughs, and have the best level and upgrades each individual item had before. It prioritizes level, then upgrade count, but not stat values when updating the current library of carried over items. There is no options to not carry over a vehicle or part.

Long Term PrecautionsEdit

Keeping the priority mechanics of the game in mind is important if you plan on making/keeping an endgame library with gold vehicles/parts. At level 6 and 100% upgraded, a vehicle/part becomes irreplaceable in the library. If this was upgraded with anything other than gold auras, it will be a permanently imperfect piece (only way to fix this would be restarting the save file if it was an pre-ended save, otherwise a complete wipe of the game's save data). As long as items are better in level and/or (or equal level but) more upgraded than what's currently in the endgame library, you can choose them to carry to the next game and continue working on upgrading them with gold auras.

It is good plan to get a gold/near gold vehicle and part from your first play-through and working up from there. Some suggestions are:


  • Banana Car: Cheap and easy to make at C class, has special effects of increasing research and experience point gain.
  • Duck Car: Can obtain early to apply gold auras to. Has slightly higher final stats than Banana Car and has increased ad effect.
  • Super Car: More expensive and hard to make at A class, but well rounded high stats and ad effect increase.
  • Mach Car: Quite hard to make at S class but very powerful once it can be constructed successfully enough.
  • Kairo Car: S class. Really cheap and powerful, just very delicate so prioritizing durability upgrades is suggested.


  • V12 Engine: Receives large power upgrades with gold auras so great to add to low power vehicles.
  • Superchrgr: Gives a great accel. boost at the start and can keep you at the head of the pack for the whole race.
  • Turbochrgr: Gives greater accel. at higher speeds so good for vehicles with no starting accel. issues.
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