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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This games "ends" once certain goals are reached.

The Game ends once all 7 Titles are unlocked, unlocking all Titles within 20 Years gives a bonus to the Score. (Winning condition is to have $170000 and 1100 visitors)

Score Calculation[]

Year All Titles Won ? ?
Max Funds / 10
Max Annual Visitors X 100
Nature Types Found X 10000
Tours Found X 10000
Dishes Found X 10000
Improvements Found X 10000
Fishes Found X 10000
Specialties Found X 10000
Services Found X 10000
Research Found X 10000
Fish Caught X 1000
Max Fish Size X 2000


Does carry over

  • All cards the player currently own except Building cards such as: Inn Card, Tourist Center Card etc. It can go beyond the max carried over amount of cards.
  • Map Expansion 1-3 researched from the beginning.
  • Max amount of resources (lumber, feed, cards, money) is half of the max amount of previous playthrough.

Does not carry over