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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game "ends" on Y 16 M 4

Score CalculationEdit

Final Money x 1 Decimal is ignored.
Research Points x 10 At the time the game ends.
Friendly Planets x 10000
Developed Land x 800 This refers to explored sectors of home planet.
Relations x 50
Technologies x 5000
Residents x 1000
Products x 1000
Special Developments x 1000
Guests x 10


Does carry over

  • One unlocked character of your choice becomes your starting character. The level of this character is set to half (rounded down) of what it was when the game ended.
  • Chimpan Z Suit. This armor will carry over even if awarded after the game ends, so any playthrough should be continued until home planet reaches 100% exploration before starting a new playthrough.
  • Kairo Suit. Another armor that will carry over even if awarded after the game ends. Similar to the Chimpan Z Suit but with higher defence and it will capture any enemy. Only for patient players since beating this level needs a very high amount of resources. (Build a great team and get the residents to a very hight level. Put your device down and let the game run for a few hours to make enough money.)

Does not carry over

  • Money
  • Tech
  • Developments
  • Equipment
  • Recruited characters or enemies
  • Character levels
  • Obelisk stat adjustments on transferred character
  • Home planet exploration
  • Alien relation level
  • Alien planet exploration
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