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This page contains information about the endgame of this game. This includes information such as score calculation, carryovers, and other pertinent information.
This game "ends" on Y 6 M 4, 07:00

You may continue to play after score calculation, and may purchase a "Data Export" from the Wairo Inc. shop for 20000 Gold. This will allow you to 'carry over' additional equipment and upgrades.

Score CalculationEdit

  • (Total trophy "Clear Points") + ([Gold / 10] rounded down) - (wipe-outs x 1000)


Does carry over

  • Can choose one of the three creatures in the party you are using when you purchase the transfer data.
    • Level, Star Rank, name, and equipped gear do not carry over with it.
  • All unequipped equipment and supplies in inventory
  • Gear Rank (purchased with medals)
  • Survival Gear Rank
  • Fast Mode
  • Boss Monster Capture License
  • Automatic combat
  • All unlocked information in Info screen: (Bestiary, Remodeling, and Trophy descriptions)
  • Unlocked Instructors
  • Hidden Cave Locations

Does not carry over

  • Any gear equipped to an ally
  • Ally stats
  • Food, Wood, Gold
  • Structures (placed and unplaced)
  • Exploration
  • Island stats
  • Unlocked trophies
  • Medals
  • Research
  • Price scaling (for items like the Slot Scroll in the Wairo shop)
  • Island investment
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