"I like furniture best." - Ducky Bills (Mega Mall Story)

Beastie BayEdit

Aliases: Dabbler

Appears as Ally #3. He is a water based ally (Beastie Bay for more info).

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Appears as passerby.

Dream House DaysEdit

A possible pet.

Grand Prix StoryEdit

Appears as a car.

High Sea SagaEdit

Appears as Daisy's Bow (High Sea Saga) Daisy's Bow (The Japanese name indicates it is a duck). Possible reference to a female Disney character's accessory, namely Daisy Duck's Bow.


Aliases: Ducky Franks

Appears as an Animal and appears in a dialogue as Ducky Franks.

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Aliases: Ducky Bills
Quote: "I like furniture best."

Appears as a Customer No. 66

Pocket AcademyEdit

Aliases: Dee Ducks

A teacher - also inside "Duck Rm"

Pocket HarvestEdit

Aliases: Chicken

Appears as a farm animal and lays eggs.

Also appears as a customer/visitor in tours.

Pocket League StoryEdit

Runs "Duck Hot Springs", a possible sponsor.

Pocket League Story 2Edit

Runs "Duck Hot Springs", a possible sponsor.

Venture TownsEdit

Possible Pet - increases owner's IQ

Gallery Edit

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