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Dream Town Story is a town building sim reminiscent of Venture Towns. The game has new features and challenges, including the ability to see your city at night, and clearing away rocks.


When students join your town, they won't have jobs, and must instead study (shown by a meter) to turn into an adult. This can be done by them visiting schools, cram schools, bookstores, museums, benches, and dog statues.

Since students have a low move range, it makes sure your students can reach these structures. If you can't build structures near your students, you may wish to move your student's house near one of these structures instead.

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.

Trick to change job to a children[]

If you select a student, use item, then use Job Change Manual, you can rank them up from a student to a job, and actually get to keep the manual. You won't get as many trophies for students qualifying though. Note: Doesn't work if you try to change job via change job button - need to use an item instead.

CHEAT: City Town - double rewards (need wifi)[]

I discover this cheat casually when i try to access town events with my ADSL lose connection for some seconds. Need some tries to works

Do this procedure:

  1. Connect your phone via wifi
  2. Earn all trophies for a Next Town Events
  3. Open Game before events end
  4. Stay near your router or open router interface
  5. Click next town events wait 2-3 seconds (but before resident choose) and disconnect Phone/Fiber cable from your router
  6. If you done the correct procedure the game propose new event where internet connection come up again
  7. Click host
  8. Click try alone
  9. Wait error message
  10. Click Town Events again and you return to previous event
  11. Notice reward icon for a nice surprise (you get all 3 rewards without effort)



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