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Development Projects are important temporary events, that can result in long term stats boosts / monetary gain. These projects cost research points, often with a fairly balanced cost across all 4 types.

When jobs are listed as an unlock condition, at least one resident in your town must have that specific job.

Project Description Event Cost Unlock
Cost Food-venture towns Serv-venture towns Ent-venture towns Cult-venture towns
Bird watching-venture towns Bird Watching Big boost to movement range.
30 30 30 30
Initially Available
Book festival-venture towns Book Festival Find more Research Points. $50K 10 10 10 10
Initially Available
Dog carnival-venture towns Dog Carnival Attracts people to parks.
40 40 60 60
Initially Available
Bonsai contest-venture towns Bonsai Contest Residents work and earn more. $45K 50 0 80 100
Comic fair-venture towns Comic Fair Residents use up savings.
50 50 100 80 Comic Artist
Flea market-venture towns Flea Market Ups Pumpkin P. purchase amt. $80K 100 100 100 120 Researcher
Econ summit-venture towns Econ. Summit Boosts town Land Prices. $100K 180 160 180 180 Scholar and Politician
Japan gamedex-venture towns Japan GAMEDEX Find jobs more easily. $80K 100 100 100 100 Voice Actor and Programmer
Ufo symposium-venture towns UFO Symposium Boosts all resident parameters. $100K 200 200 200 200
Kairobot fest-venture towns Kairobot Fest

An event with mysterious effects.

Grants a random resident with either a transportation item, a cosplay set item or money.

$666,600 500 500 500 500 1 Comedian, 1 President and 5 Recorderists

Note: Costs increase the more you use an event.

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