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The decorations are furniture used to decorate the stores. Each decoration has a function and usually it is part of a set. Each set has a characteristic and boosts something.


Decoration Where Unlock condition
1-Burner Stove Kitchen Initially avaiable
2-Burner Stove Kitchen ?
4-Burner Stove Kitchen ?
4-Pot Boiler Kitchen Initially avaiable
8-Pot Boiler Kitchen ?
4-Spot Counter Kitchen Initially avaiable
6-Spot Counter Kitchen ?
8-Spot Counter Kitchen ?
Cooking Set* Kitchen Initially avaiable
Cooler Kitchen Initially avaiable
Folding Chair Kitchen ?
Faucet Kitchen ?
Customer Service 101 Kitchen ?
Exhaust Fan Kitchen ?
Fan Kitchen ?
Table Table Depends of the set
Table XL Table Depends of the set


Set Unlock condition Effect
Chic Set Initially avaiable Customers likely to become a regular and give presents
Vintage Set Initially Avaible Boosts eating speed to increase shop turnover
Natural Set After winning `City Arena Encore´ Increase customer´s score after eating by 2!.
Retro Set After winning `Regional Arena´ ?.

Sets contain tables (normal and XL ones), walls, counters,

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