The Sushi Spinnery Guide

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Customers are the main source of your income, and each have their own preferences.

Name Gender Age Expectations Unlock: Complete Consulting
Pet Monitor Male Kid 2.0 Zoo
Class Rep Male Kid 3.0 School
Loiterer Male Kid 1.0
Initially Available
Little Leaguer Male Kid 2.0 Park
College Dude Male Youth 1.0
Initially Available
Photographer Male Youth 3.0 Train Station
Hard Rocker Male Youth 2.0 Music Club
Soccer Pro Male Youth 5.0 Stadium
Sales Rep Male Youth 2.0 Office Area
Team Supporter Male Youth 3.0 Ball Park
Sumo Wrestler Male Youth 3.0 Chanko
Pilot Male Youth 4.0 Airoport
Civil Servant Male Adult 3.0 City Hall
Tree Planter Male Adult 4.0 Thick Forest
DIYer Male Adult 3.0 DIY Center
Sumo Star Male Adult 4.0 Sumo Hall
Day Trader Male Adult 2.0 Financial District
Physicist Male Adult 4.0 Lab
Fisherman Male Eldery 3.0 Shonan
Chairman Male Eldery 4.0 Japanese Restaurant
Executive Male Eldery 3.0 Meeting Room
Cracker Maker Male Eldery 2.0 Cracker Shop
Tea Master Male Eldery 4.0 Tea Field
Tourist Male Eldery 5.0 Temple
Maiden Female Kid 1.0
Initially Available
Rabbit Trainer Female Kid 3.0 Pet House
Drummer Female Kid 4.0 High School
Bookworm Female Kid 5.0 Library
Salesgirl Female Yputh 4.0 Dept.Store
Amateur Model Female Youth 5.0 Harajuku
Fashion Designer Female Youth 4.0 Boutique
Author Female Youth 5.0 Printing Company
Expatriate Female Youth 5.0 English Class
Office Clerk Female Youth 1.0
Initially Available
News Anchor Female Youth 5.0 TV Station
Receptionist Female Youth 2.0 Company Reception
Voice Actor Female Youth 5.0 Studio
TV Personality Female Youth 4.0 Talent Agency
Celebrity Female Youth 5.0 Waikiki Beach
Teacher Female Adult 5.0 Facility Lounge
Pianist Female Adult 5.0 Concert
Housewife Female Adult 2.0 Regional Park
Nursery Teacher Female Adult 4.0 Prepschool
Astronomer Female Adult 5.0 Satelite
Maiko Female Adult 4.0 Kyoto
Dancer Female Eldery 4.0 Dance Class
Former Nobility Female Eldery 5.0 Rokumeikan
Seamstress Female Eldery 3.0 Tailor
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