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Customers are the key source of cash flow into your mall, through the mean of purchasing goods from stores. There are a total of 88 customers, with each having 3 personal likes. Customers may be unlocked by making certain customers regulars, or by making community investments. A requirement of "Facility" is any facility a customer can visit.

Note: You can link to a specific character by appending "#num" to the end of the url / page name. Ex: Customers (Mega Mall Story)#44

No. Customer Likes Lives
Regular Job Name
Req. (Qual) Bonus
1 Amy Jones Food Elec Enter Res. Greengrocer (15) Lenny Ling Student
2 Ken Hays Home Elec Food Office Facility (20) $100.0K Accountant
3 Cletus Munn Enter Beaut Food Park Greengrocer (15) Toy Disp. Farmer
4 May Gomez Food Elec Enter Res. Toy Disp./Toy Store (15) Duke Higgs Student
5 Jim Maxwell Food Elec Enter Res. Cafe (15) $100.0K Waiter
6 Kent Dellan Home Elec Food Office Mobile Shop/Payphones (10) Seafood St. Executive
7 Ryu Honda Home Elec Food Office Cafeteria (20) $200.0K Ramen Chef
8 Pablo P Enter Beaut Food Park Facility (10) Leafy Plant Artist Pablo Picasso
9 Serena Lam Food Elec Enter Res. Clothing St. (20) Butcher Voice Actor
10 Ben Donner Food Elec Enter Res. Restrooms (10) $200.0K Osteopath
11 Mabel Smith Home Elec Food Office Home Goods (20) Keith Wardon (Staff) Secretary
12 Gordon G Home Elec Food Office Facility (20) CD Store Trader Gordon Gekko
13 Blondie Cay Enter Beaut Food Park Supermarket (25) $100.0K Waitress
14 Dan Green Food Elec Enter Res. Fast Food (30) Ticket Outlet Jeweler
15 Max Clay Food Elec Enter Res. Clothing St. (20) $100.0K Designer
16 Jeeves Home Elec Food Office Observation Deck/Arcade (20) Gil Bates Butler Jeeves
17 Hana Burger Home Elec Food Office Arcade (20) $100.0K Part-timer Hamburger
18 Bunny Ford Enter Beaut Food Park Seafood St. (20) Jen Collins Storyteller
19 Scoop Dodd Food Elec Enter Res. Bookstore (30) $300.0K Journalist Snoop Dogg
20 Jack Hayes Home Elec Food Office Ticket Outlet (30) Indy Smith TV Host
21 Yoyo Ha Home Elec Food Office Cafe (40) Toy Store Musician Yo-Yo Ma
22 Pam Daily Enter Beaut Food Park Bakery (20) $100.0K Maid
23 Sneezy Hays Food Elec Enter Res. Florist (20) Shoe Store Cameraman Hay fever
24 Tam Bruise Food Elec Enter Res. Clothing St. (20) $100.0K Actress Tom Cruise
25 Dave Kato Home Elec Food Office Toy Store (45) Karen Heller Programmer
26 Jay Hooks Enter Beaut Food Park CD Store (40) Arnie Swan Fisherman Garth Brooks
27 Soupy Dorn Food Elec Enter Res. Chinese Bfft (25) $100.0K Soup Chef Soup du jour
28 Dave Beck Food Elec Enter Res. Cinema (40) $100.0K Soccer Plyr David Beckham
29 Ray Coffer Home Elec Food Office Butcher (30) Robin Froe Gentleman
30 Alice Bee Home Elec Food Office Candy Store (50) $100.0K Maid
31 Ann Yuill Enter Beaut Food Park Art Supply (40) Mark Sans Cust Service Annual
32 Clementine Food Elec Enter Res. Bookstore (30) $100.0K Comic Artist
33 Shay Crock Home Elec Food Office Cake Shop (40) Hair Salon Apt. Mgmnt
34 Mic Jackson Home Elec Food Office Shoe Store (50) Clair Lune Singer Michael Jackson
35 Jamie Lee Enter Beaut Food Park Clothing St. (45) Art Store Nurse
36 Ronald Day Food Elec Enter Res. Fast Food (30) $100.0K Student Ronald McDonald
37 Tiger Hoods Food Elec Enter Res. Game Store (20) Stationery Student Tiger Woods
38 Caesar Murn Home Elec Food Office Supermarket (30) Lottery Shop Celebrity
39 Betsy Fay Enter Beaut Food Park Cafeteria (30) Fortune Tllr Cheerleader
40 Jim Franks Enter Beaut Food Park Dollar Store (30) Drugstore Mountaineer
41 Mick Roony Food Elec Enter Res. Stationery (35) Ginny Love Child Actor Mickey Rooney
42 Andy Mays Food Elec Enter Res. Clinic (35) Stereo Shop Doctor
43 Cat Kidman Home Elec Food Office Clothing St. (45) Karaoke Club Model
44 Poppy Smith Home Elec Food Office PC Store (45) Mobile Shop Chef
45 Festus Kay Enter Beaut Food Park Steakhouse (40) Locksmith Retired
46 Jenny Sein Enter Beaut Food Park Conv. Store (40) Gourmet
Swimmer John Steinbeck
47 Crystal Mann Food Elec Enter Res. Clothing St. / Lingerie Shp (40) Camera St. Teacher
48 Sarah Hong Home Elec Food Office Appliances (60) Plaza Astronaut
49 Sister Mary Enter Beaut Food Park Fancy Bistro (40) Cosmetics Nun
50 Toby Pots Enter Beaut Food Park Sushi Bar (60) Nail Salon Juggler
51 Dick Bando Food Elec Enter Res. Hair Salon (30) Lucy Naiman Consultant
52 Miso Hosoda Home Elec Food Office Video Rental (50) Glasses
53 Clem Danes Enter Beaut Food Park Lottery Shop (30) Ray Keys Police Ofc.
54 Butch Pitt Food Elec Enter Res. Jeweler (60) Watch
Stuntman Brad Pitt
55 Venus Winn Home Elec Food Office Fortune Tllr (30) Pumpkin 1 Debugger
56 Mary Moon Enter Beaut Food Park Sushi Bar (60) Japanese Fd Folk Singer
57 King Ackbar Enter Beaut Food Park Game Store (50) $1,500.0K Young CEO Recurring character
58 Porky Feeny Enter Beaut Food Res. Bowling All. (60) Exhibit Area Farmer
59 Mary Cats Food Elec Enter Office Spa (40) Chandelier Artist Mary-Kate Olsen
60 May Bee Home Elec Food Office Gourmet Deli (60) Chimpan Z Saleswoman Maybe
61 Mocha Latte Home Elec Food Park Fancy Bistro (40) ATM Artisan Both Mochas and Lattes are drinks
62 Hen Penny Enter Beaut Food Res. Casino (60) 20 Pop Foreman Ha'penny / Heypenny (band)
63 Nekomaru Food Elec Enter Res. Pet Store (40) Bar Ninja Recurring character
64 Hulk Grogan Home Elec Food Office Video Rental (50) Chairman Wrestler Recurring character
65 Cindy Gray Enter Beaut Food Park Jeweler (60) Real
66 Ducky Bills Enter Beaut Food Res. Furniture St. (50) Lingerie
Osteopath Recurring character
67 Jed Quacks Food Elec Enter Res. Pet Store (40) $500.0K Rice Farmer
68 Kettler UFO Food Elec Enter Office Bowling All. (55) Betting Shp Negotiator
69 Kairobot Home Elec Food Park Lingerie Shp (50) Sally Prin Myst. Robot Recurring character
70 Manny Cave Home Elec Food Park Real Estate (50) 30 Pop Skater
71 Jen Collins Enter Beaut Food Park Clothing St. (55) 30 Pop Writer
72 Mark Sans Enter Beaut Food Park Cafeteria (30) $500.0K Hiker
73 Karen Heller Enter Beaut Food Park Dollar Store (30) Bearington Witch
74 Claire Lune Enter Beaut Food Park Boutique (45) $500.0K Driver
75 Ray Keys Enter Beaut Food Park PC Store (50) $500.0K Pianist
76 Bearington Home Elec Food Park Fountain (30) Concert Stg. Music Ind. Recurring character
77 Duke Higgs Food Elec Enter Res. Steakhouse (40) $500.0K Sniper
78 Indy Smith Food Elec Enter Res. Conv. Store (40) $500.0K Explorer
79 Gil Bates Food Elec Enter Res. Arcade (40) $500.0K Toddler Bill Gates
80 Lucy Naiman Food Elec Enter Res. Appliances (60) 50 Mmsheart Novelist
81 Arnie Swan Home Elec Food Res. Fancy Bistro (40) 30 Pop Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
82 Lenny Ling Home Elec Food Office Pet Store (40) 50 Mmsheart Linguist
83 Sally Prin Food Elec Enter Office Exhibit Area (85) Museum CPA Recurring character
84 Chimpan Z Food Elec Enter Office Greengrocer (60) $5.0M Politician Recurring character
85 Robin Froe Home Elec Food Office Sushi Bar (60) 30 Pop Beautician
86 Ginny Love Home Elec Food Office Furniture St. (50) 30 Pop Tour Guide
87 Pumpkin 1 Enter Beaut Food Office Bowling All. (60) 30 Pop Gardener Recurring character
88 Chairman Enter Beaut Food Office Spa (40) 30 Pop NAM Chair
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