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Crops and animals are a special aspect of the game which depend on the use of fields and animal structures, and students to take care of them. They are an important part of income, especially early on, and should be placed in some accessible areas so that students can quickly and easy access them.



Note that when you unlock seeds, you (the player) do not plant them; rather, students will plant different seeds randomly, with better seeds having lower chances of being planted. Fields have an upkeep of $100, so while fields can be profitable, make sure they are easy for students to visit, and you don't have to many fields in use at one time.

Icon Name Price Unlock Condition
Cucumber-pocket academy Cucumber $30
Initially Available
Potato-pocket academy Potato $50
Initially Available
Radish-pocket academy Radish $80 Promising School
Cabbage-pocket academy Cabbage $120 Developing School
Icon Name Price Unlock Condition
Peach-pocket academy Peach $200 Developing School
Cherry-pocket academy Cherry $300 Major School
Corn-pocket academy Corn $500 Major School
Banana-pocket academy Banana $700 Prestigious School
Mango-pocket academy Mango $800 Prestigious School

The empty slot in the above tables corresponds to the empty slot in game, which according to the game files would contain the Orange-pocket academy orange, although this seems to be unobtainable in the game.


This section is a stub. Please help expand itNote: Min and max amounts all need confirmation
Empty animal room-pocket academy

To learn how to unlock different animals, see purchase cost, or find upkeep costs visit the structures page. The table below shows different animals as well as their product to be harvested. Product names and images don't always match, but they are correct. Prices listed are at 0 Spirit since Spirit effects prices.

Animal Product
Img Name Min Max
Chicken room-pocket academy Chicken Egg product-pocket academy Eggs 50 160
Rabbit room-pocket academy Rabbit Rabbit product-pocket academy Toys 80
Pig room-pocket academy Pig Meat product-pocket academy Meat 100
Cow room-pocket academy Cow Milk product-pocket academy Milk 300
Duck room-pocket academy Duck Duck product-pocket academy Toys
Panda room-pocket academy Panda Panda product-pocket academy Badges
Koala room-pocket academy Koala Koala product-pocket academy Pouches
Giraffe room-pocket academy Giraffe Giraffe product-pocket academy Rulers
Gator room-pocket academy Alligator Bag product-pocket academy Bags
Elephant room-pocket academy Elephant Elephant product-pocket academy Cookies
Horse room-pocket academy Horse Horse product-pocket academy Wallets
Mole room-pocket academy Mole Hammer product-pocket academy Hammers
Kairobot room-pocket academy Kairobot Kairobot product-pocket academy Toys


  • There are 6 unused crop art assets in the games files that aren't available in game:
    • Orange-pocket academy Orange
    • Apple-pocket academy Apple
    • Grapes-pocket academy Grapes
    • Carrot-pocket academy Carrot
    • Pumpkin-pocket academy Pumpkin
    • Tomato-pocket academy Tomato.
  • The game files contain a few images that could be potential "animal products", although they are not named.
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