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Once a year, in Autumn, you may enroll your apartment complex into a contest. Narratively, this pits the quality of your building against others; mechanically, it rates you based on the stats of your rooms and tenants. Participating in contests gets you money or RP and a rare item; winning also unlocks important flooring and furniture research.

You must meet requirements by 0:00 PM on Autumn weekdays to participate.

Results are announced in Winter weekends at 0:00 PM.

Name Fee Win Condition Participation
1st Place Requirements
Comfort: Regional

Apartment with 42 comfort 

$ + Job Change Pass $30.5K + Orange Floor + Sofa Set + Job Change Pass Apartment with 16 comfort?
Comfort: National
Apartment with 171 comfort $ + Love Scroll $27.5K + Green Floor + Love Scroll

Clear Comfort: Regional

Apartment with 67 comfort?

Comfort: Global 2T Apartment with 394 comfort  $0.5K~$29.3K + Level Scroll $31.7K + Pink Floor + Level Scroll

Clear Comfort: National

Apartment with 155 comfort

Rent: Regional
Apartment with $2.4K rent 5~25 RP + Job Change Pass

30 RP + Flooring + Exam Set + Love Scroll

Apartment with $0.5K rent?
Rent: National
Apartment with $10.4K rent 5~30 RP + Love Scroll 32 RP + Carpeting + Love Scroll

Clear Rent: Regional

Apartment with $2.0K rent

Rent: Global 2T Apartment with $35.4K rent 5~33 RP + Level Scroll 36 RP + Wood Floor + Level Scroll

Clear Rent: National

Apartment with $9.6K rent

Brainiac Tenants
Tenant with ~236 INT RP + Rent Booster RP + Carpet + Rent Booster

Clear national contests

Tenant with 58 INT

Well-Rounded Tenants
Tenant with ~236 HOB RP + Rent Booster RP + Red Carpet + Rent Booster

Clear global contests

Tenant with 58 HOB

Most Athletic 1T Tenant with ~550 FIT RP + Job Change Pass RP + Luxury Set + Job Change Pass

Clear global contests

Tenant with 160 FIT

Most Charming 1T Tenant with ~565 CHA RP + Job Change Pass RP + Elegant Set + Job Change Pass

Clear global contests

Tenant with 196 CHA

Building Occupancy 2T 50 Tenants RP + Youth Scroll RP + Office Set + Sofa + Youth Scroll

Clear any regional contest

5 Tenants?

Net Worth 3T Funds >= $34,500.0K 5~22 RP + Rare Job Pass 24 RP + Dining Set + Bath + Rare Job Pass

Clear any regional contest

$50.0K in funds?

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The representative of Pumpkin Products will visit at 7:40 PM on the same winter weekend to congratulate you and inform you that the shop now has more products to sell upon winning certain contests.
  • If you don't win a contest, the main prize ($ or RP) gets scaled based on your placement and you can try again the next year.
    • The given range of rewards for non-first is between the qualification point (usually #20 to #30) and #2.
  • If you no longer meet the requirements when results are announced, you will not be disqualified (see below). However, bear in mind the announcer will always use your current score, not your personal best (see bugs) displayed at the time of the announcement.
  • The worst rank you can attain depends on the competition, always three digits and far below the qualification point.
  • The first time you don't qualify for rankings (or won all of them), the manager will always mention comfort and rent as the issue, even if they're unrelated.
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