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Contests Edit

You can pick between a staff or a product to enter the contest.

You can only have one "item" entered at any one time.

Contests occur every 4th and 10th month each year.

The win is calculated slightly differently from other Kairosoft games. 3 different objects are tossed around, if that object lands in your entrant's box you gain: 1 point for a small brown ball, 3 points for a larger green ball, and 10 points for a star. Your chances of having an object land in your box are determined by the points stat next to your employee or product when selecting your entrant. This point value ranges from 0 to 100 based on the stat being judged in the contest. Each contestant gets a number of objects relative to their points stat, so if all contestants have 50 points they will each get roughly the same number of objects in their box i.e. 3 brown balls to the first contestant, 3 green balls to the second, and 2 green balls with a star to the third contestant. Because of this, while a higher point stat helps, even entrants with 100 points can easily lose several times in a row if the stars all go to an opponent's box. If your entrant ties with an opponent, a sudden death draw is used; whoever that receives the one additional vote wins.

Contest TypesEdit

Staff contests always award varying amounts of cash; product contests award 2x a piece of equipment the first time, and hearts afterward.

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