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Consulting is the main way to get ingredients, structures, improve staff qualification.

Consulting may cost money or Sushi Coins. Unless specified, the cost for completing any consulting will differ depending on which consultation item becomes available first.

Food ConsultingEdit

All Food Consulting cost Sushi Coins to complete.

Name Reward Type Unlock
Ika Ika Ingredient
Initially Available
Pudding Pudding Dessert
Initially Available
Anko Anko Ingredient Reach Y 1 M 12
Corn Corn Ingredient Reach Y 2 M 3
Strawberry Strawberry Ingredient Maiden gets 40 fandom
Salmon Salmon Ingredient Reach Y 2 M 4
Daikon Oroshi Daikon Oroshi Topping ReachY 2 M 9
Hamburger Hamburger Ingredient Reach Y 3 M 1
Miso Miso Topping Sales Rep gets 40 fandom
Scallops Hotate Ingredient Reach Y 3 M 12
Kalbi Kalbi Ingredient Hard Rocker gets 40 fandom
Akagai Akagai Ingredient Reach Y 4 M 5
Cheese Cheese Topping Reach Y 4 M 11
Asatsuki Asatsuki Topping Receptionist gets 40 fandom
Mentaiko Mentaiko Ingredient Cracker Maker gets 40 fandom
Hamachi Hamachi Ingredient Reach Y 6 M 6
Tako Tako Ingredient Housewife gets 40 fandom
Avocado Avocado Topping Reach Y 7 M 3
Anago Anago Ingredient Reach Y 8 M 5
Katsuo Katsuo Ingredient Reach Y 9 M 1
Neriume Neriume Ingredient Civil Servant gets 40 fandom
Maguro Maguro Ingredient Fisherman gets 40 fandom
Negitoro Negitoro Ingredient Day Trader gets 60 fandom
Hirame Hirame Ingredient Reach Y 13 M 3
Ginger Ale Ginger Ale Drink Team Supporter gets 40 fandom
Madai Madai Ingredient Reach Y 14 M 2
Ebiten Tempura Ingredient Pet Monitor gets 60 fandom
Takuan Takuan Ingredient Seamstress gets 20 fandom
Yaki Cheese Yaki Cheese Topping Civil Servant gets 60 fandom
Onion Onion Topping Executive gets 60 fandom
Shako Shako Ingredient DIYer gets 60 fandom
Negi Negi Topping Tea Master gets 40 fandom
Uni Uni Ingredient Physicist gets 60 fandom
Kamatoro Kamatoro Ingredient Sumo star gets 60 fandom
Nasubi Nasubi Ingredient Drummer gets 20 fandom
Kani Kani Ingredient Nursery Teacher gets 60 fandom
Ginger Ginger Topping Fashion Designer gets 60 fandom
Awabi Awabi Ingredient Pilot gets 60 fandom
Fruit Gelatin Fruit Gelatin Dessert Pilot gets 60 fandom
Unagi Unagi Ingredient Soccer Pro gets 60 fandom
Melon Melon Dessert Drummer gets 40 fandom
Parfait Parfait Dessert TV Personality gets 60 fandom
Caviar Caviar Ingredient Tourist gets 60 fandom
Matsutake Matsutake Ingredient Celebrity gets 60 fandom
Engawa Engawa Ingredient Amateur Model gets 60 fandom
Momiji Oroshi Momiji Oroshi Topping Bookworm gets 40 fandom
Cake Cake Dessert Author gets 40 fandom
Wasabi Wasabi Topping Expatriate gets 40 fandom
Fugu Fugu Ingredient Former Nobility gets 60 fandom
Ikura Ikura Ingredient Voice Actor gets 60 fandom
Tobiko Tobiko Topping News Anchor gets 60 fandom
Shirako Shirako Ingredient Pianist gets 60 fandom

Customers ConsultingEdit

All customers' consulting cost money to complete.

Name Opened Customer Unlock
Cracker Shop Cracker Maker
Music Club Hard Rocker
Company Reception Receptionist
Park Little Leaguer
Offices Sales Rep
Regional Park Housewife Maiden gets 30 fandom
Financial District Day Trader Sales Rep gets 30 fandom
Zoo Pet Monitor Loiterer gets 50 fandom
Train Station Photographer Hard Rocker gets 30 fandom
Meeting Room Executive Receptionist gets 30 fandom
Shonan Fisherman Cracker Maker gets 30 fandom
City Hall Civil Servant Day Trader gets 30 fandom
Ball Park Team Supporter Leattle Leaguer gets 30 fandom
Tailor Seamstress Cracker Maker gers 50 fandom
School Class Rep Pet Monitor gets 30 fandom
DIY Center DIYer Civil Servant gets 30 fandom
Chanko Sumo Wrestler Team Supporter gets 30 fandom
Lab Physicist Fisherman gets 30 fandom
Pet House Rabbit Trainer Pet Monitor gets 40 fandom
Japanese Restaurant Chairman Executive gets 30 fandom
Sumo Hall Sumo Star Sumo Wrestler gets 30 fandom
Tea Field Tea Master Fisherman gets 50 fandom
Thick Forest Tree Planter DIYer gets 30 fandom
Boutique Fashion Designer Seamstress gets 30 fandom
Airoport Pilot Physicist gets 30 fandom
Dance Class Dancer Tea Master gets 30 fandom
Prepschool Nursery Teacher Rabbit Trainer gets 30 fandom
Kyoto Maiko Dancer gets 30 fandom
Stadium Soccer Pro Pilot gets 30 fandom
Dept.Store Salesgirl Fashion Designer gets 30 fandom
High School Drummer Nursery Teacher gets 30 fandom
Talent Agency TV Personality Soccer Pro gets 30 fandom
Temple Tourist Maiko gets 50 fandom
Harajuku Amateur Model Salesgirl gets 30 fandom
Library Bookworm Drummer gets 30% fandom
Waikiki Beach Celebrity TV Personality gets 30 fandom
Satellite Astronomer Tourist gets 30 fandom
Rokumeikan Former Nobility Tourist gets 70 fandom
Printing Company Author Bookworm gets 30 fandom
English Class Expatriate Author gets 30 fandom
Concert Pianist Hard Rocker gets 100 fandom and Drummer gets 60 fandom
Studio Voice Actor Expatriate gets 30 fandom
Facility Lounge Teacher Bookworm gets 50 fandom
TV Station News Anchor Voice Actor gets 30 fandom

Recruitment ConsultingEdit

SC = Sushi Coins

Name Cost Unlock
Training Trip to Lv.2 15 SC
Training Trip to Lv.3 40 SC
Training Trip to Lv.4 80 SC
Training Trip to Lv.5 120 SC
Training Trip to Lv.6 150 SC
Training Trip to Lv.7 200 SC
Training Trip to Lv.8 250 SC
Training Trip to Lv.9 300 SC
Help Wanted Sign $150
Want Ad $600
TV Commercial $1,500 Get 3 stars
Headhunting $5,000 Win Showbiz Contest

Special ConsultingEdit

All Special Consulting cost Sushi Coins to complete.

Name Cost Effect Unlock
If I Had a Hammer 80SC Grizzly Bearington gives 1 Hammer
Roses 40SC Roses (Decor) Maiden gets 50 fandom
My Training I 50SC Perform 2 requests at once Complete 10 Non-repeatable Consulting
Entrance Architect 100SC Can buy Entrances Reach Y 3 M 6
Expand Break Room 100SC Hire 2 more chefs Reach Y 3 M 10
ATM Lease 50SC ATM (amenity) Reach Y 2 M 10
Add Special Slot 80SC Additional slot for Specials Reach Y 6 M 8
My Training II 150SC Perform 3 requests at once Complete 35 Non-Repeatable Consulting
Upgrade Market 80SC Buy 50 Items
Find Trainer 50SC Ability to train chief from Lv.8 to Lv.9 Train one of the chiefs to Lv.8.
Linear Motor Belt
Linear Motor Belt (Env.) Photographer gets 50 fandom
Takeout Corner
Takeout Corner (amenity) Housewife gets 60 fandom
Bamboo (decoration) Team Supporter gets 50 fandom
Water Lane
Water lane (Env.) Fisherman gets 60 fandom
Upgrade Market 150SC Buy 100 Items
Management skill
Hire 2 more chefs Executive gets 60 fandom
Arm Wrestler
Arm Wrestler (amenity) Sumo Wrestler gets 50 fandom
Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat (decor) Physicist gets 50 fandom
Fishing Hole
Fishing Hole (amenity) Fisherman gets 80 fandom
Ikebana Corner
Ikebana Corner (amenity) Dancer gets 50 fandom
Bonsai (decor) Dancer gets 50 fandom
Daruma (decor) Rabbit Trainer gets 50 fandom
Treasure Ship
Treasure Ship (decor) Pilot gets 50 fandom
Photo Booth
Photo Booth (amenity) Maiko gets 50 fandom
Playmaker Skill
Hire 2 more chefs Soccer Pro gets 60 fandom
Plate Spinning
Plate Spinning (amenity) Astronomer gets 60 fandom
Fir Tree
Fir Tree (decor) Author gets 50 fandom
Lantern (decor) Teacher gets 50 fandom
Petting Zoo
Petting Zoo (amenity) Rabbit Trainger gets 100 fandom
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