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To make a game for a console, you must first buy a license for it (except pc games), unless you make your own console. Often the more expensive and newer the console, the more money you will make with your game.

Once a console is removed from the market, you may no longer create games for it. If you make a new console, your old one will be removed. PC Game console will never be taken off the market, along with any console after the Mini Status.

Available Consoles[]

For more on companies, go here. Prices in the list below are in dollars.

Icon Name Dev
Company Unlock Condition Removed On1 Name Pun
PC Game 10.0K None Initially Available Never
Microx SX 50.0K 200.0K Microx Initially Available Y 6 M 2 W 1 MSX
Exodus 180.0K 400.0K Senga Y 1 M 11 W 1 Y 6 M 6 W 1 Sega Genesis - Both are books in the bible.
IES 300.0K 800.0K Intendro Y 3 M 2 W 1 Y 7 M 7 W 1 NES
Game Kid 250.0K 550.0K Intendro Y 3 M 11 W 1 Y 16 M 12 W 1 Game Boy
Play Gear 450.0K 1,050.0K Senga Y 5 M 6 W 1 Y 10 M 6 W 1 Game Gear
PCC-FQX 300.0K 680.0K Nipon Y 6 M 2 W 1 Y 11 M 2 W 1 PC-FX
NEONGEON 400.0K 2,200.0K Nipon Y 7 M 2 W 1 Y 9 M 4 W 1 Neo Geo
Game Swan 550.0K 4,500.0K Microx Y 7 M 6 W 1 Y 17 M 5 W 1 Wonder Swan
Super IES 600.0K 5,000.0K Intendro Y 7 M 8 W 1 Y 11 M 7 W 1 Super NES/SNES
Virtual Kid 400.0K 1,800.0K Intendro Y 8 M 8 W 1 Y 11 M 12 W 1 Virtual Boy
PlayStatus 650.0K 10,000.0K Sonny Y 10 M 6 W 1 Y 18 M 2 W 1 PlayStation
Playdion 850.0K 15,000.0K Nipon Y 10 M 8 W 1 Y 19 M 4 W 1 Playdia
Uranus 650.0K 12,000.0K Senga Y 10 M 11 W 1 Y 19 M 2 W 1 Sega Saturn - Both are planets.
Game-Box 850.0K 25,000.0K Intendro Y 11 M 2 W 1 Y 18 M 11 W 1 GameCube
Mini Status 950.0K 20,000.0K Sonny Y 12 M 6 W 1 Never PlayStation Portable/PSP
Intendro DM 1,000.0K 35,000.0K Intendro Y 16 M 2 W 1 Never Nintendo DS
PlayStatus 2 1,000.0K 40,000.0K Sonny Y 17 M 6 W 1 Never PlayStation 2
Microx 480 1,200.0K 50,000.0K Microx Y 17 M 9 W 1 Never Xbox 360
Whoops 1,600.0K 80,000.0K Intendro Y 18 M 5 W 1 Never Wii - pun on people accidentally throwing their controllers.
Harpo Drive 1,300.0K 90,000.0K Senga Y 19 M 7 W 1 Never MegaDrive or Dreamcast


Play Popo X 1,500.0K 99,999.9K Nipon Y 19 M 11 W 1 Never Playstation 3 -  Probably got sold to Nipon and then the name got changed during the transfer process; It looks like a PlayStation 3 too.
Jupiter 512 350.0K 64,000.0K Karoisoft After your 2nd "Game of the Year" Award Never NASA Mars Rover (when released, your assistant says it can be used to explore space, and it has a physical resemblance as well, including the same wheels as the current rover)
GameJohn 350.0K 64,000.0K Karoisoft After your 5th "Game of the Year" Award Never A pun on people playing games in the "John".

1. After a time a console is removed from the market, and no new games can be made for it.

Making Consoles[]

To make a console, you must have at least one Hardware Engineer. Making a console takes quite a bit of time, and you will almost always have your fan base shrink at least once for not releasing a game (having high stats and use lots of Dead Bull to finish quickly helps prevent this). To build a console, you must be in the level 3 office.

Custom console1-game dev story.png Custom portable1-game dev story.png
Standard normal/portable console design
Custom console2-game dev story.png Custom portable2-game dev story.png
Normal/portable console design when
using Potato Chip and Punch Cards

Console Types:

  • Console (Cost: 6,000.0K)
  • Portable (Cost: 4,000.0K)

Console CPUs:

  • 16-bit Chip (Cost: 1,000.0K)
  • 32-bit Chip (Cost: 10,000.0K)
  • 64-bit Chip (Cost: 50,000.0K)
  • Potato Chip (Cost: 90,000.0K) - must have 4 hardware engineers on your team

Console Media:

  • Cartridge (Cost: 3,000.0K)
  • CD-ROM (Cost: 5,000.0K)
  • DVD-ROM (Cost: 15,000.0K)
  • BD-ROM (Cost: 35,000.0K)
  • Punch Cards (Cost: 93,999.9K) - must have 6 hardware engineers on your team


  • The IES console is featured on Game Dev Story icon.
  • The Play Gear, Super IES, & Game Swan are featured on Game Dev Story banner.