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Compatibilities are introduced by placing facilities/stores close to each other. The maximum distance between two compatible facilities is 3 blocks. Most compatibilities will occur at both facilities, but some only contains one, eg,. Internet and ATM, in which ATM does not have any stats at all.

Compatibility can also be boosted by Compatibility Seeds. They are awarded by the ranking association upon getting perfect in the cabin category.


Room 1 Room 2 Effect
Restaurant Toilet Restaurant: All Down
Cafe Toilet Cafe: All Down
Internet ATM Internet: East/West/Male Up
Pool Gym Both: West/North Up
Pool Hot Tub Both: All Up
Library Theater Library: All Down
Slot Machine Poker Lounge Both: All Up
Slot Machine Roulette Rm Both: All Up
Slot Machine Arcade Both: East/West Up
Slot Machine Slot Machine Both: All Up
Poker Lounge Roulette Room Both: All Up
Dance Hall Cafe Both: West/Equator Up
Gym Lux. Lounge Gym: Women Down
Gym Hot Tub Both: Women Up
Spa Beauty Salon Both: Women Up
Spa Gym Both: Women Up
Vending Machine Tennis Court Both: All Up
Vending Machine Driving Range Both: All Up
Cabin (All 3 types) Vending Machine Both: All Up
Lux. Lounge Driving Range Both: Men Up
Theater Dance Hall Both: All Up
Group A Gold KairoBot Group A: significant up all
Group B Gold KairoBot Group B: all Up

Group A: Internet, Slot Machine, Arcade, Poker Lounge, Roulette Room, Vending Machine

Group B: Cabin/Stateroom/Suite, Toilet, Deck Chair, Tour Center, Pool, Dance Hall, Restaurant, Cafe, Luxury Lounge, Store, Theater, Beauty Salon, Spa, Gym, Tennis Court, Driving Range, Library