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Training Compatibilities Edit

The types on the tables refer to the type of player you are training. Each boost will affect every training, even if the training does not have a benefit for that kind of boost. There also does not appear to be any kind of overlapping effects for you to stack.

To discover all compatibilities, you need at least 3 Averages, 3 Showboats, 3 Kids, 3 Avg GK, 3 Excep GK, 3 Spider, 3 WC GK, 3 Super GK, 3 Exceptionals, 3 Fantasistas (one single training, otherwise 1), 3 Bodybuilders (one single training, otherwise 1), 2 Technicians, 2 Speedster, 2 Defenders, 2 Free, 2 Superstars, 1 Striker, 1 World Class.

Stamina TrainingEdit

Stamina Compatibilities
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Stamina Effect
Average Average Average Stamina +15%
Showboat Kid Speedster Stamina +20%
Exceptional Exceptional Exceptional Stamina +25%
Striker Fantasista World Class Stamina +30%
Bodybuilder Average Exceptional Stamina +35%
World Class Excp GK Striker Stamina +40%
Defender Average Defender Stamina +45%
Free Showboat Kid Stamina +50%
Speedster Speedster Exceptional Stamina +55%
Fantasista Average Superstar Stamina +60%

Kick TrainingEdit

Kick Compatibilities
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Kick Effect
Average Showboat World Class Kick +15%
Showboat Striker Bodybuilder Kick +20%
Exceptional Bodybuilder Striker Kick +25%
Striker Exceptional Kid Kick +30%
Bodybuilder Fantasista Striker Kick +35%
Technician Technician Bodybuilder Kick +40%
Defender World Class Bodybuilder Kick +45%
Free Average Free Kick +50%
Speedster Striker Defender Kick +55%
Superstar Superstar Kid Kick +60%

Speed TrainingEdit

Speed Compatibilities
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Speed Effect
Average Exceptional Striker Speed +15%
Kid Kid Kid Speed +20%
Exceptional Speedster Free Speed +25%
Striker Average Speedster Speed +30%
World Class Average Speedster Speed +35%
Technician Average Superstar Speed +40%
Defender Defender Showboat Speed +45%
Free Speedster Average Speed +50%
Fantasista Fantasista Fantasista Speed +55%
Superstar World Class Average Speed +60%

Tech TrainingEdit

Tech Compatibilities
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Tech Effect
Average Technician Free Tech +15%
Kid Exceptional Technician Tech +20%
Exceptional Excp GK Technician Tech +25%
Bodybuilder Bodybuilder Bodybuilder Tech +30%
World Class Exceptional Superstar Tech +35%
Technician Technician Fantasista Tech +40%
Defender Exceptional Average Tech +45%
Speedster Striker Technician Tech +50%
Fantasista Superstar World Class Tech +55%
Superstar Free Technician Tech +60%

Body TrainingEdit

Body Compatibilities
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Body Effect
Showboat Showboat Showboat Body +15%
Kid Average Defender Body +20%
Striker Defender Bodybuilder Body +25%
Bodybuilder Showboat Defender Body +30%
World Class Kid Exceptional Body +35%
Technician World Class Defender Body +40%
Free Fantasista Superstar Body +45%
Speedster Exceptional Defender Body +50%
Fantasista Showboat Technician Body +55%
Superstar Defender Striker Body +60%

Keeper TrainingEdit

Keeper Compatibilities
Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Keeper Effect
Avg GK Avg GK Avg GK Keeper +10%
Avg GK Average Exceptional Keeper +15%
Avg GK Kid Striker Keeper +20%
Excp GK Excp GK Excp GK Keeper +25%
Excp GK Striker Exceptional Keeper +30%
Excp GK Technician Average Keeper +35%
Spider Spider Spider Keeper +40%
Spider Striker Free Keeper +45%
Spider Technician Avg GK Keeper +50%
WC GK WC GK WC GK Keeper +55%
WC GK Striker Avg GK Keeper +60%
WC GK Technician Excp GK Keeper +65%
Super GK Super GK Super GK Keeper +70%
Super GK Striker WC GK Keeper +75%
Super GK Technician Spider Keeper +80%
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