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Rival companies mostly play a background role in the game, as even when you directly see reference to them, their involvement is mostly random, except in regards to consoles being released. Rival companies affect you your company when they release a game similar to one you made (event), appear during annual award ceremonies, and when they release / retire a console.

Company Consoles Name Pun
Intendro IES, Game Kid, Super IES, Virtual Kid, Game-Box, Intendro DM, Whoops Nintendo
Karoi Soft Jupiter 512, GameJohn Kairosoft - The company that made this game.
Microx Microx SX,Game Swan, Microx 480 Microsoft
Nipon PCC-FQX, NEONGEON, Playdion, Play Popo X NEC (Nippon) / SNK
Senga Exodus, Play Gear, Uranus, Harpo Drive Sega

Playstatus, Mini Status, Playstatus 2

Chimpan Games None Unknown