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Combos are created by adding card(s) to a non-empty tile which will change it to a different tile.

Tile Card(s) Result
Dead Trees Dead Trees Card Grove
Flower Garden Veggie Patch Card Grassland
Forest Mountain Mountain
Grassland Spring Card Rice Field
Grassland Dead Trees Card Dead Trees


Flower Garden Card Veggie Patch
Grove Forest Forest
Mountain Spring Card x3 Waterfall
Spring Waterfall Card Snowy Mountain
Rice Field Flower Garden Grassland
Veggie Patch Mountain Mountain
Wasteland Spring Card Pond
Grove/Rice Field/Dead Trees Cherry Trees Card Cherry Trees
Mountain Dead Trees Card Autumn Trees

Connection Combos[]

Connecting adjacent tiles may also change some/all connected tiles to a new tile.

Tile #1 Tile #2 Tile #3 Tile #4 Result(s)
Tile(s) (New Tile(s))
Pond or Mtn. Stream Pond or Mtn. Stream Ponds (Streams)
Pond Pond Pond Ponds (Streams)
Pond Pond Pond Pond Ponds (Lakes) Connected Tiles must form a 2x2 square.
Pond Pond Pond Pond Ponds (Rivers) Connected Tiles must NOT form a 2x2 square.
Waterfall Pond Pond (Mtn. Stream)
Grove Grove Grove (Forest)
Dead Trees Dead Trees Dead Trees x1 (Autumn Trees x1)
Inn Mountain Mountain Inn (Hot Spring Inn)
Dead Trees Stream Dead Trees (Cherry Trees)
Flower Garden Flower Garden Flower Garden (Grove)
Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain (Autumn Leaves)