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Combos Guide[]

The ingredient will appeared according to which Base we used. Same with 2nd ingredient when 1st have been placed. And so on. . .

Note : There is 2 kind of Fried Egg

  • SSU = Sunny Side Up
  • O = Omelette

Not in-game name. Just matching it from the picture of the game.

Mini Cup[]

Num Combo —
Name Dish Ingr. 1 Ingr. 2 Ingr. 3 Ingr. 4 Kcal
(85) —
Apple Pie.png
Apple Pie Apple 30
(86) —
Chocolate Pie Chocolate 80
(5) —
Corn Salad.png
Corn Salad Corn 90
(22) — Side Salad Corn Chopped Cabbage 100
(34) — Mixed Salad Corn Chopped Cabbage Carrot 120
Cream Stew Stew.png
Stew Cream Stew 100
White Gratin Cream Stew Cheese 180
Roast Pilaf Cream Stew Cheese Rice Ball 350
(1) —
Cucumber Salads.png
Cucumber Salad Cucumber 10
(8) —
Potato Salad.png
Potato Salad Cucumber Potato 60
(3) —
Crispy Karaage.png
Crispy Chicken Fried Chicken 100
(7) —
Onion Salad.png
Onion Salad Onion 10
(17) —
Egg Salad.png
Egg Salad Onion Fried Egg (SSU) 110
(4) — Fries (S) Potato / Shoestring Fries 50
(6) — Fries (M) Potato / Shoestring Fries Potato 100
(13) — Fries (L) Potato / Shoestring Fries Potato Potato 150
Bucket of Fries.png
Bucket of Fries Potato / Shoestring Fries Potato Potato Potato 200
(12) —
Spiced Fries.png
Spiced Fries (M) Potato / Shoestring Fries Potato Salt & Pepper 100


This 1 combo that have a same result

  • Bacon x Cheese = Crispy Bacon
  • Cheese x Bacon = Crispy Bacon
Image Name Dish Ingr. 1 Ingr. 2 Ingr. 3 Ingr. 4 Kcal
Crispy Bacon Bacon 80
Yummy Carbonara.png Carbonara Bacon Cheese Pasta 290
Pizza (BBS).png Pizza Bacon Cheese Pasta Seafood Omelet 450
Breakfast Pancakes Bacon Pancake 250
Snack Pancakes Bacon Pancake White Cheese 330
Cheese Bites.png Cheese Bites Cheese 80
Cheesy Croquette Cheese Croquette 210
Bacon & Cheese Cheese Bacon 160
Nuggets.png Nuggets Fried Chicken 100
BBS Octopus Fritters.png Octopus Fritters Octopus Fritters 40
Onion Rings Onion Rings 80
Onion & Squid Ring Set Onion Rings Calamari 160
Deep Fried Nibbles Onion Rings Calamari Fried Shrimp 280
Variety of Fried Pack Onion Rings Calamari Shrimp Fried Chicken 380
Cup o' Rice Rice Ball 170
Hamburg Steak Rice Ball Patty 260
Loco Moco Rice Ball Patty Fried Egg (SSU) 360
Shrimp Rice Ball Rice Ball Fried Shrimp 290
Rice Cracker pack.png Cookie Pack Rice Cracker 70
Tempura Set Shrimp 50
Frankfurter Wiener 40

Refill Cup[]

This 1 combo that have a same result

  • Broccoli x Scallion = Energy Drink
  • Fried Egg x Scallion = Energy Drink
Image Name Dish Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Kcal
Apple Juice Apple 30
Apple Float Apple Cream 160
BananaShake.png Banana Shake Banana 40
Coffee Beans 20
Coffee Float Beans Cream 150
Specialty Cola Beans Lemon 30
Cola Float.png Cola Float Beans Lemon Cream 160
Broccoli smoothie.png Green Smoothie Broccoli 20
Energy Drink Broccoli Scallion 40
Vegetable Juice Carrot 20
Cherry Juice Cherry 10
Cherry Float Cherry Cream 140
Hot Chocolate Chocolate 80
Luxury coffee.png Luxury Coffee Chocolate Golden Leaf 90
Goldcarattedjuice.png 24-Carat Juice Chocolate Golden Leaf Corn 80
Corn Soup Corn 90
Jersey Milk Cream 130
Specialty Milk Tea Cream Parsley 140
Bubblemilktea.png Milky Bubble Tea Cream Parsley Bubble Tea 230
Onion Soup Diced Onion 10
Onion Gratin Soup Diced Onion Thick Sliced Cheese 110
Milkshake Fried Egg (O) 120
Eggnog Fried Egg (O) Chili 130
Energy Drink Fried Egg (O) Scallion 140
Grape Juice.png Grape Juice Grape 10
Grape Float Grape Cream 140
Grapefruit Juice Grapefruit 10
Grapefruit Float Grapefruit Cream 140
Kiwi Juice Kiwi 10
Kiwi Float Kiwi Cream 140
Lemontea.png Lemon Tea Lemon 10
Lemon Squash Lemon Chrysanthemum 20
Tropicaldrink.png Tropical Juice Lemon Chrysanthemum Pineapple 50
Melon Juice Melon 50
Cream melon soda.png Melon Soda Melon Cream 180
Orange Juice Orange 30
1623640833408.png Orange Float Orange Cream 140
Green Tea Parsley 10
Peach Juice Peach 30
Peach Float Peach Cream 160
Pear Juice Pear 20
Pear Float Pear Cream 150
Pineapple Juice Pineapple 30
Pineapple Float Pineapple Cream 160
Strawberry Juice Strawberry 30
Strawberry Float Strawberry Cream 160
Tomato Soup Tomato 10
Minestrone.png Minestrone Tomato Wiener 50

Ice Cup[]

Image Name Dish Ingr. 1 Ingr. 2 Ingr. 3 Ingr. 4 Kcal
Sliced apple.png Apple Slices Apple 30
Fruitgratin.png Fruit Gratin Apple Grape 40
1623555514997.png Fruit Tart Apple Grape Cookie 90
Coffee Jelly Beans 20
Chocolateicecreamcup.png Choco Ice Cream Cup Chocolate 80
Chocolate Sundae Chocolate Chocolate 160
Soft serve cup.png Soft Serve Cup Cream 130
Ice Cream Cream Cookie 180
Soft Serve Ice Cream.png Soft Serve Cream Cookie Cream 310
Ice Cream Strawberry BBS.png Ice Cream Strawberry Cream Cookie Strawberry 210
Berry Ice Cream Cup.png Berry Ice Cream Cup Cream Strawberry 160
Strawberry Sundae.png Strawberry Sundae Cream Strawberry Strawberry 190
Mini Flan Flan 130
Creamy Flan Flan Cream 260
Flan A la mode.png Flan A La Mode Flan Cream Cherry 350
Pumpkin flan.png Pumpkin Flan Flan Pumpkin 160
Custard pie.png Custard Pie Fried Egg (SSU) 100
Sliced Fruit Fruits * 10
Prosciutto Melon Fruits * Prosciutto 50
Fluffy Pancakes Pancakes 170
Fluffy cream banana pancake.png Pancake and Cream Pancakes Cream 300
Hawaiianpancake.png Hawaiian Pancakes Pancake Cream Orange 310
Fruity Agar Agar.png Fruity Agar Agar Peach 30
FruitgelatinBBS.png Fruit Gelatin Peach Kiwi 40
Melonbowl fruity punch.png Fruit Punch Peach Kiwi Cherry 50
Compote.png Compote Pear 20
Strawberriesslice.png Strawberry Slices Strawberry 30
Strwbrryshortcake.png Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Cookie 80
ShortcakeBBS.png Shortcake Strawberry Cookie Cream 210
Fruit ice pop.png Fruity Pop Strawberry Banana 70
Fruitmixdessert.png Fruity Dessert Strawberry Banana Grape 80
Delishparfait.png Parfait Strawberry Banana Grape Melon 130

*) Fruits including such as Banana, Cherry, Grape, Kiwi, Melon, Orange