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Name Requirements Effect
Syrup Combo Use Syrup as 1st Ingredient or Use Syrup after Decor Increase Taste
Fruit Combo Add at least two ingredients in the berries or fruits categories. Increase all stats
Sweet Combo Add at least two ingredients that have >=1 sweetness. Increase Volume and Aroma
Great A La Mode Creams + Fruits or Berries Increase Taste and Aroma
Decor Syrup Put Decor after applying Syrup Increase All Stats (more aroma)
Cool Combo Use a cool ingredient (<10 C temp) on a cool base or ingredient (<10 C temp). Increase Taste
Fluffy Combo Add ingredients that have <=-1 texture Increase Taste and Aroma
Accent Color Use Red on White or Brown (e.g. Berry Sauce on Chocolate Cake, Triple Berry on Whipped Cream)

Increase Volume
Nice Color Have 3 or more colours, counting the last ingredient and the one you currently are placing down Increase Volume
Perfect Color Add consecutive ingredients that have the same colour Increase Volume
Japanese Combo Add 2+ ingredients of Japanese origin (Soy Flour, Chestnut, Chestnut Cream, Matcha, Cocoa Matcha, Anko, Yam Cream, Sesame, Molasses, Rice Puffs) Increase Volume and Aroma
Nice Texture Add at least two ingredients that have >=2 texture Increase Taste
Alpine Combo Add both Chestnut Cream and Chestnut Increase Volume and Taste
Pyramid Combo Have 3 Ingredients stacked in the middle and top with Cherry (Star Cookie, Choco Deluxe, Chestnut, Chestnut Cream, Big Berry, Cherry) Increase lots of volume
Dynamic Combo Have 2 ingredients exclusive to big plates (i.e. Rice Puffs, Kiwi, Lots of Berries, Big Mint) Increase Volume and Taste
Uji-Kintoki Anko + Matcha Slightly Increases All Stats
Gorgeous Plate Use syrup as your first ingredient (Requires Advanced Baker Tech) Increase Volume
Balance Combo Use a large plate with a base that does not require one Increase Volume Slightly
High Calorie Uncertain, comes with some high-calorie unlocked bases. Possibly from going way over the calorie limit of base. Increase Volume
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