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Clubs help students meet other students, go on group events, and getting first in all clubs is also one of the requirement to unlock the "legendary" rank (this only requires the first 8 "normal" clubs, from Baseball to Art).

Unlocking and Bulletin BoardsEdit

Unlocking clubs in Pocket Academy is done by visiting bulletin boards. Only teachers can unlock clubs, students can only unlock facilities.

The process of unlocking is done by checking the required structures around the bulletin boards. The checking range is 5x5 squares centred on the bulletin board structure. Once the requirements are met, the teacher will add a new research immediately.

Also note however that the process of unlocking is unique to each bulletin boards since the checking range is also different for each bulletin board.


Having a high spirit around the club house (the 8 surround squares) increases the odds of wining competitions. Most non-path environment pieces increase spirit as well as some structures (view the structures page to find out which), with statues giving extremely high spirit. To ensure a victory, you must meet the following criteria:

  • At least 30 spirits on the club house.
  • Only one student with his/her max stats (if use boost and it say uneffective) join any club.
  • Compete early of month. (due after enter new month, his/her stats will be drop slighty. If is happens you need to use boost to him/her to max stat.)

Clubs ListEdit

Img Name Key Attribute Cost Period Unlocked
Baseball club-pocket academy Baseball Club Ath-pocket academy Ath $1,800 3 weeks
Initially Available
Soccer club-pocket academy Soccer Club Ath-pocket academy Ath $2,800 3 weeks
Initially Available
Tennis club-pocket academy Tennis Club Ath-pocket academy Ath $3,000 2 weeks Tennis Ct. (Maybe available initially)
Basketball club-pocket academy B-Ball Club Ath-pocket academy Ath $3,000 3 weeks B-Ball Ct (Maybe available initially)
Track club-pocket academy Track Club Ath-pocket academy Ath $3,000 3 weeks Track
Dance club-pocket academy Dance Club Int-pocket academy Int $2,500 2 weeks Misc Room (Maybe available initially)
Art club-pocket academy Art Club Int-pocket academy Int $1,200 3 weeks Art Room
Theatre club-pocket academy Theater Club $800 3 weeks Misc Room
AV Room
Glee club-pocket academy Glee Club Pop-pocket academy Pop $1,500 2 weeks (Maybe available initially)
Computer club-pocket academy Computer Club $4,200 2 weeks Comp Rm
Band club-pocket academy Band Club $2,000 3 weeks Hm Ec Rm
Quilting club-pocket academy Quilting Club $600 2 weeks Techer Rm
Prncpl Rm
Politics club-pocket academy Politics Club $1,200 3 weeks

AV Room
Chicken Rm
Big Rock

Video game club-pocket academy V. Game Club $4,000 3 weeks Lab
Giraffe Rm
Ufo club-pocket academy UFO Club $6,000 3 weeks Planetarium
Mole Rm
Comp Rm


  • The Japanese version of the game has a Tea club-pocket academy "Tea" club, but since there's no Tea room in the English version (instead it's the "lounge" to avoid confusion with English players), there is no such club.
  • There is one club listed in the text file that does not appear to be obtainable: Robotics club-pocket academy Robotics Club
  • The game files also contains over 10 images that appear to be potential clubs, although they aren't named in the translation file.
  • As a normal player, i would like to suggest a tip: when you aim for a win in a specific club, you don't necessarily need 25 students or so. I tried winning a competition with only 8 students, and i made sure that every student had 90 points in each stat, and 1 student with a yellow aura. We won, thanks to the students' high stats. Try it for yourself!
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