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Customers are divided evenly among 6 different demographics: Students, Youth, Businessmen, Housewives, Elderly, and Tourists. Each demographic prioritizes one food stat over the others and rates you accordingly.

When customers rate you highly enough, they may give you plans for promoting your restaurant. Running these plans usually boosts profits for a day and often attracts a new regular customer. It's also common to find a recipe or dish after running an event.

Students: Brain UP
Name Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Plan
Kid Birthday Discount Wannabe Singer 100 points New Equipment
Little Girl Kid's Dishes Hyper Kid 100 points Toy Prizes
Gourmet Kid
Initially Available
Student Discount / Distribute Menus
Preschooler Toy Prizes Little Girl 100 points Birthday Cake
Hyper Kid Distribute Menus Gourmet Kid 100 points Kid's Dishes
Female Student Student Discount Gourmet Kid 100 points Foreign Menus
Sports Kid New Equipment Kid 100 points Kid's Event
Wannabe Singer Birthday Cake Preschooler 100 points Birthday Discount
Youth: Texture
Name Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Gift
Initially Available
Water Tasting
Yuppie Store Cleaning Freelancer 100 points Pamphlets
Initially Available
Store Cleaning / Watch Sports
Dancer Canned Food Researcher 100 points Naming Rights
Researcher Pamphlets Trader 100 points Canned Food
Pop Idol Naming Rights Dancers 100 points Banners
Actor serve Crab Fried Rice Performer 100 points Food Tasting
Performer Banners Pop Idol 100 points Chocolate Tasting
Businessmen: Health UP
Name Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Gift
Initially Available
Mobile Phone Ads
Secretary Coupons Manager 100 points Hand Out Tissues
Manager Free Souvenirs Eating Champ 100 points Coupons / Cheese Tasting
Sumo Wrestler Fancy Napkins Magnate 100 points Stew Cooking
Executive Mobile Phone Ads Programmer 100 points Eating Contest
Eating Champ Eating Contest Executive 100 points Free Souvenirs / Manners Class
Sumo Wrestler 100 points Local Festival
Magnate Hand Out Tissues Secretary 100 points Fancy Napkins / Pro Chef Class
Housewives: Appearance
Name Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Gift
Initially Available
Point Cards / EZ Cooking Class
Celebrity Add Spring Water Singer 100 points Endorsment
Lingerie Seller Point Cards Artist 100 points Hostel Promotion / Chef Lecture
Exec. Assistant 100 points Cooking Class
Singer Theme Song Adventurer 100 points Add Spring Water
TV Personality Endorsement Celebrity 100 points Free Vouchers
Adventurer Hostel Promotion Lingerie Seller 100 points Theme Song / Nutrition Class
Exec. Assistant Free Vouchers TV Personality 100 points Pro Chef Lecture
Elderly: Health UP
Name Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Gift
Chess Player
Initially Available
PTA Member Skyscraper Ads Tea Master 100 points Farm-Fresh Food
Hot Spring Fan Chess Player 100 points Inn Promotion / Seaweed Cooking
Tea Master Online Ads Gambler 100 points Skyscraper Ads
Gambler Inn Promotion Hot Springs Fan 100 points Online Ads / Fish Cooking
Noh Actor Farm-Fresh Food PTA Member 100 points Skin Care Class
King serve Shark Fin Soup Noh Actor 100 points
Wairobot Invite Wairobot
Tourists: Rarity
Name Unlock 1 Unlock 2 Gift
Tourist Foreign Menus
Foreign Posters
Buyer Foreign Posters Tourists 100 points Magazine Ads / Exotic Food Tasting
Gangster Opera Singer 100 points
Opera Singer Magazine Ads Buyer 100 points Health Food Club
Oil King Invite Injured King
Space Choco Tasting
Koala Oil King 100 points Gourmet Food Club
Necromancer Hero 100 points Expert Eating Class
Hero Koala 100 points
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