Chimpan Z (pun on Chimpanzee) is a reoccurring playable character in many of Kairosoft's games.

Anime Studio StoryEdit

Chimpan Z is an unlockable "Staff".

Beastie BayEdit

Quote: "I'm Chimpan Z; a chimp with an IQ of 108. I have a particular knack for engineering and robotics."

Chimpan Z (also known as Young Chimpan and Dr. Chimpan) is first found on the docks of your island. He appears to have been knocked out and possibly suffering from amnesia. He is thankful that he has been rescued and moves to live on your island where he can perform research in his lab. He requires lumber to perform his research; the more a player invests in the research, the faster it will be completed.

Chimpan also believes he was the creator of Mecha Chimp but states he has no recollection of ever building it.

Bonbon CakeryEdit

Aliases: Space Monkey

Chimpan Z appears as:

  • An unlockable customer.
  • A customer of Truck Sales - Space Monkey (Space Station Location).
  • A judge of the Kairo Family Fest contest.
  • Also appears at the end of the help screen in a cake.
  • Seen in the Chimpan Island supplier.

Cafeteria NipponicaEdit

Aliases: Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer is an unlockable "Job" type; when worn, the user looks like Chimpan Z.

Epic Astro StoryEdit

While Chimpan Z does not make an appearance himself in this game, there is an armour in his likeness called the Chimpan Z suit. The suit instantly captures 1 defeated enemy that has not yet been captured every battle. It shares this ability with the Kairosuit.

Game Dev StoryEdit

Aliases: Chimpan Z-force

He appears as an employee. He's the only employee who is a Hardware Engineer by default.

Grand Prix StoryEdit

Chimpan Z appears as a mechanic for hire.

High Sea SagaEdit

Appears in High Sea Saga as the Monkey job.

Hot Springs StoryEdit

He is a special guest that can be unlocked.


He appears as a civilian on each planet.

It is also mentioned he was kidnapped by Wairobot and forced to build the Mecha Chimps found in this game and also in Beastie Bay.

Magazine MogulEdit

Chimpan Z can be hired as a Lvl. 3 Paparazzo using the College recruitment.

Mega Mall StoryEdit

Quote: "Until recently, I had been living at a nearby hot springs inn, eating bananas, but they kicked me out... I managed to make it all the way here, when by chance I found that I had won the lottery! So I've decided to stay here for the moment and enjoy some shopping. I'll see you around!"

Appears as customer No. 84.

Ninja VillageEdit

Chimpan Z - ninja village

Appears as a villager.

Oh! Edo TownsEdit

Ogre vanquishing tour-oh edo towns

Chimpan Z is a member of the "Ogre Vanquishing Tour", along with Grizzly Bearington.

Pocket AcademyEdit

Chimpan Z is a teacher that can be hired to teach at your school.

Pocket ClothierEdit

Chimpan Z is a potential customer.

Pocket Harvest Edit

Livestock that produces Chimpan Z Dolls.

Pocket League StoryEdit

Chimp Weeklly - Pocket League Story

Chimp Weeklly sponsor

He's a player who can be signed to your team.

Pocket StablesEdit

Chimpan Z gives Chimpan Cup.

Skyforce Unite!Edit

Aliases: Dr Chimpan

Owner of Chimpan Lab.

The PyraplexEdit

He's customer from Chimpan Forest, as well as a staff member

The Sushi SpinneryEdit

Chimpan Z is a sponsor of the last contest in the game. He invites you to participate in it after you receive a 5 star store rating.

Venture TownsEdit

Chimpan Z is possible resident.

World Cruise StoryEdit

World Cruise Story - Kairoland line
Chimpan Z is a potential passenger. He is an inhabitant of Kairoland.

Chimpan B is also a potential passenger hailing from Kairoland. Chimpan B looks identical to Chimpan Z except for a red bow.



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