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Careers are what your students strive to be after the graduate. While more difficult careers have a higher chance of a student failing to graduate, they often pay considerably more, of which you then get a 3% bonus if they pass. Note that for some careers not even perfect grades will assure them passing. As money from graduates passing is one of the most important sources of income, it's important to give student realistic goals. If students fail, they will graduate as a part-timer.

Unlike other things in the game, there seems to be many ways to unlock different careers paths, possibly based on what map is chosen, or other criteria. The Int stat of a student seems to increase the odds of a new career path being found. The in-game manual states that new careers paths are discovered "when students enter facilities or pass challenges" with "more lucrative paths" being more difficult. There is a chance that unlocking careers is actually a completely random process, purely based on luck.

While students while pick careers as the game progresses, students won't always have chosen a career by the time they graduate, and will instead graduate as a part-timer. It is recommended to use a Career book-pocket academy.png Career Book to give them a career.

A few careers (such as Astronaut) require a certain number of students to successfully graduate in that career before certain structures can be unlocked.

Name Salary Unlock Conditions
Part-timer $8K Initially available, default career. Given to students who do not pick careers or fail
Comedian $10K
Jr College $10K
College $15K
Cardmaker $20K
Gambler $20K
IT $20K
Ivy League $20K
Playful $20K
Florist $30K
Patissier $30K
Storyteller $30K
Baker $35K
Adventurer $40K
Artist $40K
Designer $40K
Nurse $40K
Dancer $50K
K Teacher $50K
Pro Gamer $50K
Sec Guard $50K
Teacher $50K
Vet $50K
Actor $60K
Copywriter $60K
Fire Chief $60K
Game Dev. $60K
Novelist $60K
Tech Inst $60K
Wizard $60K
Cook $70K
Big Corp $80K
Bus Guide $80K
P. Officer $80K
Translator $80K
Aristocrat $90K
Journalist $90K
Reporter $95K
Singer $100K
Sommelier $100K
Celebrity $120K
Conductor $120K Unlocked after students visit the Music Rm during a Choral Comp at least once
Model $120K
Announcer $150K
CEO $150K
Director $150K
Doctor $150K
Pop Star $150K
Spy $150K
UN Work $150K
Soccer Pl. $170K
B-Ball Pl. $180K
Int Design $200K
Pilot $200K
Astronaut $250K

Unlocked after students visit the Lab during a Science Fair at least once (1% chance)

Oil Baron $250K
President $280K

While listed in the game files, the following may not exist in-game:

  • S Business
  • M Business
  • L Business
  • Politician

While they may not exist for students to choose, S, M and L Businesses appear to be the initial careers of some students. Politician is not known to appear anywhere.

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