Card change farm is a game that you can play in kairoland

Main game[edit | edit source]

How to play[edit | edit source]

You have to bet some coins.

Some cards are given. You have to choose one to put in another place, then you can pu another card, but not any card. You can only put cards that have one or more of this characteristics

Same number

Same color

And so one

When you put a card and you don´t have more cards with this characteristics, you loose.

If you can put more than 15 cards you win

Double Up[edit | edit source]

If you win, the double up mini-game will appear. This game is a game made to win coins. It has got three different modes.

Standard[edit | edit source]

A card is given and 3 cards are also given, but upside down, you have to choose a card and guess if its value is bigger than the normal card. If you don´t know cards´ value here there is a list (2(less value),3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K(more value).

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