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Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • [bug] When you click on a friend's name the game crashes and shuts down (Only from the menu's, not from system.)
  • [bug] Sometimes ship battles are not available. Starting a new game will often fix it.
  • [bug] You can attack an enemy NPC ship even though you have not revealed the area and the area is not yet survey-able. Simply you just have to tap at the ship estimate position and the game will ask for confirmation to attack if correct.
  • [bug/cheat]: Crew will go to structures that the game says are inaccessible, they will just walk through buildings to use them anyways so just place stuff whatever you feel like [but you will lose the effects and bonuses for nearby buildings when the structure is inaccessible]
  • [bug/cheat]:If your phone/pc is not connected to the internet , the islanders and monsters will keep coming onto your ship , which is good for farming resouraces.