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Bug-game dev story Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • [Bug/Cheat] - You can move a structure in front of the north exit. If the structure placed is a shop, this will force adventures wishing to go into field to shop from the store, to pass through the other side. Note that most adventures become stuck either in the town or field ('Can't go home...') messages and only few will transit between the two.
  • [Bug] - Occasionally, an adventurer's name will show up in a different language if you're playing the English version.
  • While adventurer satisfaction appears capped at 100, any further increase will still award town approval.
  • [Bug] - Increasing more than one adventurer's satisfaction at the same time will sometimes not increase town approval appropriately. This is most commonly seen using events that raise adventurer approval.
  • [iOS only] When viewing the "Adventurer Info" window of an adventurer, the listed job level is only ever displayed as 8 (when level is 1-9) or max. The actual level can be seen when going to Menu > Info > Adventurers.
  • [Bug] - If you change an adventure's job before mastering the one they tarted with, it appears you cannot switch back (locking that job for the entire play-through).
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