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Build what you need, and only one or two at firstEdit

In most Kairosoft games, building every new building as it becomes available often unnecessarily burdens your game with extra maintenance costs, uses money you could be using elsewhere, and can distract NPCs from using better shops / combos. Instead it's often better to build key structures first while placing them in combos if possible.

Look for combos Edit

Find all the combos! Every Kairosoft game involves combining something to form something else. Some games have recipes. Some games require you to put objects next to other (buildings, products, vendors) to form combos. Using the right combo can make things that seem underpowered have great power.

It's most fun to try to find combos on your own, however it's rarely practical for you to find every combo on your own. Each section of this wiki will contain a list of possible combos. Once you're tired of experimenting, you can use these lists to figure out all the combos you can use.

Think of the long term Edit

Sometimes things that seem foolish in the short-term make sense in the longer term. For example, sometimes it is a good idea to spend your last 1000G for a building that will earn you 100G a month. This will leave your cash on hand empty, but it will pay for itself in 10 months.

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