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Baths are unique structures, that are also one of key components to your hot spring. Some key features are:

  • Only the gender associated with it can go in (except for groups, in which case children may go into the bath of the opposite gender).
  • Baths have "Bath Effects", which add boosts to your bath, which are unlocked when certain conditions are met.
  • When the game "ends", any bonuses applied to large baths will be carried over. This does stack through multiple play-throughs.

While Normal baths are available right away, large baths are only unlocked once you Hit #1 on all 8 guides and unlock Chimpan Z.

Large Bath Bonuses Range[]

Tiles outlined in red contribute to effects.

Unlike normal baths, large baths have a bug that affects how scenery bonuses and bath effects are applied. While a normal bath needs a structure within a 2 block radius of either tile it occupies to have an effect, a large bath (which is 2x3 tiles), only uses a 2x2 section in the bath section when determining effects.

· · · · · ·
· · · · · ·
· · B B X ·
· · B B X ·
· · · · · ·
· · · · · ·

With B indicating affected tiles, X indicating tiles that do not contribute to effects, and · indicating the range for effects. Please note you still need to have the entrance of the bath accessible.

Bath Effects[]

When bath effects are active, a bonus is applied to the normal boosts applied to the structure. To have a bath effect active, different structures must be placed around it. The same structures can be used to unlock multiple bath effects in the vicinity. Just like combos, any structures within a 2 block radius will effect this. The structures required for the effect do not have to be in proximity to each other however, just to the bath. Bath effects can be applied up to 3 times. Bath effects carried over from a previous play-through become permanent, and can possibly have the effect maxed out.

For "groups" to be able to use a large bath, it must have a "Fast Friends" effect applied to it.

Female baths start out with a 1 point bonus "Silky Smooth".

Some items permanently increase a bath's effect the first time they are used:

  • Milk - Increases Silky Smooth.
  • Fame Seed - Increases Springerade.[Confirm]
Effect Bonus Requirements
Jacuzzi Seniors 1 Vending Machine + 2 Natural Stones
Spa Adults 2 Pachinko Machines + 1 Massage Chair + 1 Lantern
Silky Smooth Women 2 Salons + 1 Azalea + 2 Natural Stones
Fast Friends Groups 2 Karaoke Rooms + 1 Ping Pong Table + 1 Azalea
In-Crowd Youth 2 Souvenir Stands + 2 Azaleas
Forever Young All except Youth 2 Fortunetellers + 2 Plum Trees + 1 Pond
Springerade Men 2 Cafes + 2 Vending Machines + 1 Bamboo


Image Name Cost Popul
Price Sce-
Base Compatability ♥
Male Female Grp
Yth Adlt Snr Yth Adlt Snr
Bath (m)-HotSpringsStory.png Bath (M) $360 16 $10 4 $15 1 1 1 1
Bath (w)-HotSpringsStory.png Bath (W) $360 16 $10 4 $15 1 1 1 1
Large bath (m)-HotSpringsStory.png Large Bath (M) $750 24 $20 4 $50 1 1 1
Large bath (w)-HotSpringsStory.png Large Bath (W) $750 24 $20 4 $50 1 1 1