For the assistant character, see Secretary.

The assistant is a means through which Kairosoft delivers tutorial messages. Important game events are also highlighted through the assistant's dialogue. The assistant is generally female but sometimes is male (E.G beastie bay), and is usually not playable. The most common assistant is the secretary, who appears in multiple games. Every game has an assistant (be they male, female, or animal).

The assistant appears in every game. However, the below table only lists instances where her name is different from the above, or where there are special notes to be made.

Appearances Aliases Notes
Anime Studio Story Secretary
Bonbon Cakery Assistant Also appears as a customer.
Dream House Days Manager
Epic Astro Story Space Aide
Hot Springs Story Manageress Game file pictures refer to her as Minako.
Kairobotica Amanogawa Possibly named for the Amanogawa cultivar of the Prunus serrulata.
Magazine Mogul Managing Editor
Ninja Village Mochizuki Possibly named for the Mochizuki-shuku, a rest stop along the Nakasendoo of Japan's capital during the Edo period. Mochizuki also has other significance.
Oh! Edo Towns Ohisho Also appears in the "Kairobot's Journey" group.
Pocket Academy Ass't Principal
Pocket Clothier Betty Boutique
Pocket Stables June Fields
The Sushi Spinnery Edomae Edomae refers to a specific type of sushi.
Venture Towns Secretary Is a possible resident.
World Cruise Story First Mate


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