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Arena is a place where players can take challenges to unlock new features. Arena is closely related to the Ramen Hall as some Arena challenges required specific Ramen Hall Grade to participate in. Likewise, some Ramen Hall Grading requirements also required players to win specific times at the Arena.

There are a total 54 Arena challenges in all. Winning all of them is required in order to reach the final grade of Ramen Hall.
Generally, the Arena challenges can be divided in 3 categories :

  • Main Challenges : There are a total of 24 challenges here. Only 1 challenge of this type will appear at a time. New challenge will only unlock after the current one is cleared. The final reward for this challenges is the ability to unlock Chimpan Z Statue (which can be carried over in replays).
  • Unlock Area : These challenges will unlock a new sales areas which will allow access to new customers. Only 6 challenges belong in this category.
  • Unlock Ramen Ingredients : These challenges will unlock many types of Ingredients needed to create Ramen. These can be Flours, Kansuis, Soup Ingredients or Toppings where each one has their own subcategory and challenges. There are 24 challenges total in this category.

Arena List[]

  • Grade : Ramen Hall Grade needed to take the challenge
  • Fee : Money required to take the challenge
Main Challenges
Name Reward Fee Grade
First Arena 8-spot Boiler x 1 1,000G
Neighborhood Arena 2-Burner Stove x 1 1,000G
City Arena 6 -Spot Counter x 1 1,000G
City Arena Encore Natural Set
(Decor Set)
2,000G 1
Regional Arena Retro Set
(Decor Set)
3,000G 2
Ramen Show 8-spot Boiler x 2 4,000G
Challenger Battle 4-Burner Stove x 1 6,000G
Famous Shop Battle Café Set
(Decor Set)
National Qualifier Artisan Statue x2 5,000G
National Arena Faucet x 2 6,000G
World Champ Ticket Cutting Board x 2 7,000G
World Championship Artisan Statue x2 9,000G 6
True World Champ Rank Bonus Orb x 1 1,0000G 7
Ramen Council Challenger Amazing Set
(Decor Set)
Ramen Council Arena Fan x 1 14,000G
Challenger Returns Bench x 1 24,000G
Royal Bowl 1 8-spot Counter x 1 17,000G 8
Royal Bowl 2 4-Burner Stove x 1 2,0000G
Royal Bowl 3 12-Pot Boiler x 1 22,000G
Royal Bowl Semi-Finals Air Purifier x 1 24,000G
Royal Bowl Finals 24,000G 9
HoF Run-Offs 12-Spot Counter x 1 26,000G
Kairo Prize Golden Boiler x 1 32,000G
Kairo Prize 2 Chimpan Z Statue x 1 34,000G
Unlock Areas
Name Reward Fee Grade
Busy Burg Challenger Folding Chair x 2 2,000G
Hot Seaside Challenger Fan x 1 4,000G 2
Ice Mountain Challenger Service Manual x 1 4,000G 2
Hideout Street Challenger 9,000G
Gorgeous City Challenger Service Manual x 1 14,000G 7
Kairo Village Challenger Bench x 1 14,000G
Glutton King's Challenges
(Unlocks Toppings)
Name Reward Fee Grade
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 1 Unlocks Cabbage, Wood Ear, Sesame 2,000G 1
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 2 Unlocks Kamaboko, Quail Egg, Spinach 4,000G 2
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 3 Unlocks Chives, Nappa Cabbage, Clam 4,000G 3
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 4 Unlocks Chopped Scall . 2, Roast Chicken, Shredded Chilli 9,000G 4
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 5 Unlocks Fried Scallion, Smoked Egg 14,000G 6
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 6 Unlocks Scallops, Butter 15,000G 8
Glutton King's Challenge : Pt. 7 Unlocks Tofu, Ground Pork 23,000G
Glutton King's Challenge : Final Unlocks Salmon, Pork Back Ribs, Shredded Leeks 30,000G 9
Soup Street Challenges
(Unlocks Soup Ingredients)
Name Reward Fee Grade
Soup Street Challenge : Pt. 1 Unlocks Celery, Sugar, Chili Oil 2,000G 1
Soup Street Challenge : Pt. 2 Unlocks Chili Pepper, Mirin, Chicken Broth 4,000G 3
Soup Street Challenge : Pt. 3 Unlocks Black Pepper, Milk, White Miso 4,000G
Soup Street Challenge : Pt. 4 Unlocks Apple, Sake, Mixed Miso 9,000G 4
Soup Street Challenge : Pt. 5 Unlocks Ribs, Clams, Shio Sauce 14,000G 6
Soup Street Challenge : Final Unlocks Bream, Tamari Shoyu, Special Miso 15,000G 8

Northern Challenges
(Unlocks Flours)
Name Reward Fee Grade
Northern Challenge : Pt. 1 Unlocks Aloe Flour 2,000G 1
Northern Challenge : Pt. 2 Unlocks Mugwort Flour 4,000G 3
Northern Challenge : Pt. 3 Unlocks Risky Flour 9,000G 4
Northern Challenge : Pt. 4 Unlocks Improved Flour 9,000G 5
Northern Challenge : Final Unlocks Ultimate Flour 14,000G 8

Mountaineer Challenges
(Unlocks Kansuis)
Name Reward Fee Grade
Mountaineer Challenge : Pt. 1 Unlocks Firming Kansui 4,000G 1
Mountaineer Challenge : Pt. 2 Unlocks Natural Kansui 4,000G 3
Mountaineer Challenge : Pt. 3 Unlocks Miracle Kansui 9,000G 4
Mountaineer Challenge : Pt. 4 Unlocks Pure Kansui 14,000G 5
Mountaineer Challenge : Final Unlocks Chlorella Kansui 15,000G 8