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Anime Studio Story is a "Developer" style game, where you manage your own anime company, and discover the best anime available in an attempt to become the best anime company in the game.

Starting point[]

When you start the game, the studio will be named "Sunny Studio", and your favorite anime will be named "Princess Pig". The person who plays the game can change the name of the studio and his/her favorite anime.



Stations & Facilities[]

Settings & Themes[]



Name Max Staff Max Facility Unlock Condition Cost To Upgrade
1st studio 4 2 Initially Available Initially Available
2nd studio 6 4 Year 4 and 800K available 800K
3rd studio 8 10 Year 10 and 2000K available 2000k

Merchandise/Job Offers[]

Main articleOffers (Anime Studio Story)

Merchandise Offers are unlocked when a show is aired and the character stats meet certain criteria(s). The first time it is offered, it will be mentioned what stat of the character that meet the criteria. Only one merchandise offer can be received each time a show is aired. Finishing a merchandise offer will require spending Production Point (PP) and will reward money and increase in fans. After an offer is completed, it can be regained again by airing a show with character that meet the criteria(s).

The Availability Column in the table shows known criteria statistic for the merchandise.

Job offers don't require spending PP to complete. However staff need to produce some show points to complete it. Finishing a job offers will reward money and Production Points(PP). Job offers seems to be closely related to the relationships with TV Stations. Both Merchandise and Job offers count towards the completed Products list in the completion Guide (Studio Info 3/3).

Name PP Cost Reward Availability Type
Phone Straps 10 $30K Amity Merchandise
Video Game 10 $80K Courage Merchandise
Life-Size figure 15 $100K Courage Merchandise
Trading Cards 15 $80K Amity Merchandise
Bank Mascot 30 $300K Merchandise
Underwear 15 $20K Amity Merchandise
Plushies 10 $30K Amity


Kids' Song Album 30 $100K Merchandise
Licensed Towels 15 $60K Merchandise
Convertible 30 $300K Oddness Merchandise
Painted Jet 50 $500K Cuteness Merchandise
Pajamas 10 $40K Amity Merchandise
Ramen Noodles 20 $80K Humour Merchandise
Canned Coffee 30 $120K Merchandise
Cell Phones 40 $150K Merchandise
Wallets 20 $40K Merchandise
Train Decor 80 $150K Oddness Merchandise
Bus Decor 80 $180K Amity Merchandise
Chopsticks 40 $80K Merchandise
Ketchup 30 $100K Merchandise
Fast Food Tie-Up 60 $250K Amity Merchandise
Dog Biscuits 10 $80K Merchandise
Textbooks 30 $120K Merchandise
Cutscenes $80K Initially Available Job
Commercial $100K Initially Available Job
TV Anime $50K Initially Available Job
City Hall Mascot $60K Initially Available Job
Hollywood Movie $800K Job
Bollywood Movie $550K Job
Wedding Gift $900K Job
Grandkids' Present $300K Job

Bugs & Cheats

Bug-game dev story.png Bugs and cheats listed below can be replicated on a device without the need of cheat tools.
  • When completing side jobs, pay attention to workers "on fire". If you immediately begin another project before they finish, their efforts will be applied to the new project!


  • Your favorite anime is also be listed on award.
  • The Production Points limit up to 999.
  • The picture of small people from Epic Astro Story is also used ingame such as title screen.
  • Typo on tutorial page 2, word "subcotracting" instead of "subcontracting".
  • On title screen, Kairobot will appear each time you click on the word of 'an'.

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