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Adventurers / residents are responsible for the protection of your town. However, as they are in fact employed by you, it is up to you to guide them on quests, arm them properly with armor and weapons, keep them happy, and train them properly. You can also assign jobs to your adventures.

While adventurers require your attention, they are quite self-efficient. When not on a quest, they will wander the field killing monsters, will occasionally buy themselves new weapons / armor with their salary, will bring their injured comrades back to the inn to rest, and even shop.

When you send your adventurers on a quest, adventures in your town will randomly be chosen to participate, with a possible total of 9 adventures allowed to join. However, if 9 adventurers do not volunteer, you can recruit more up to 9 at the expense of gold. More of quests can be found here.


Attacks take into account many factors, such as attack style, weapon/armor strength, the enemy level, whether it is a dungeon, whether it is a boss monster, and possibly most importantly your stats. If an adventurer dies during combat and is resurrected they will gain xp. It is currently unknown if they gain xp if dead when the battle ends[Confirm].

Attack styles are: melee, ranged, and magic.


These are effected by your armor, weapons, and accessories.

Attributes include:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Magic

Basic AttributesEdit

These are raised as you level, master jobs, and switch jobs.

Basic attributes include:

Hth-DungeonVillage Health (Hth)
Str-DungeonVillage Strength (Str)
Dex-DungeonVillage Dexterity (Dex)
Tgh-DungeonVillage Toughness (Tgh)
Sprt-DungeonVillage Spirit (Sprt)
Luck-DungeonVillage Luck (Luck)


All Magic Learned (Dungeon Village)

All magic uses a unique sprite when cast.

  • Fire-DungeonVillage Fire Magic - Deals damage.
  • Ice-DungeonVillage Ice Magic - Deals damage like Fire Magic.
  • Lightning-DungeonVillage Lightning Magic - Deals damage like Fire Magic.
  • Healing-DungeonVillage Healing Magic - Allows an adventurer to heal another adventurer if they are within range. Works on fallen comrades.

Satisfaction Work Edit

Satisfaction Satisfaction-DungeonVillage and Work are two non-combat attributes of an adventurer. These can both be raised by giving gifts (some satisfaction and work only slightly if at all) and by awarding medals Medal-DungeonVillage (10 work and satisfaction). Satisfaction can also be raised by visiting high-quality facilities.

Work - How long your residents stay out on the field, allowing them to kill more monsters. It also increases the odds of obtaining an aura.
Satisfaction - Required to have an adventurer move into your village.


Adventures both earn you money and cost you money, but often earning you money if you play wisely.

  • Makes you money:
    • Killing Monsters (Adventurer's Income)
    • Finding Chests
    • Taxes (Based on total monsters killed)
  • Loses you money:
    • Adventure's salary
    • Going on quests


Auras boost Attack, the number of attacks, and Defense. Not only the adventurer but enemy such as Draggo is also have aura with purple colour.

Visiting your villageEdit

Visiting-dungeon village

An adventurer will visit / arrive at your town and fight monsters once your town reaches a specific level of popularity (see table below). After they visit, you can have them move in by raising their satisfaction.

Having new adventurers visit is important because:

  • To unlock new job types you must first max out an adventurer with that jobs, and having new adventurers visit is the only way to accomplish this.
  • More people equals more money
  • More man power for fighting monsters
  • Once an adventurer visits and they reach a certain level of satisfaction, they will ask to move in (see below).

Moving InEdit

Moving in-dungeon village

For an adventurer to move into town and become a resident, a few conditions must be met:

  • You must have a vacant house (if you don't have one, they will ask you to place one) (costs 100G).
  • They must have a high enough satisfaction level (see table below).
  • You must pay specific cost to allow them to move in (see table below).

After moving in, they will gain 5 Satisfaction-DungeonVillage (Satisfaction) and 15 Work and they will give you a gift (see table below).

It is worth noting that even after getting enough satisfaction, they may not ask to move in right away. Adventurers nearly never ask to move in when they are on a quest. They should ask shortly after it is finished, however.

List of AdventurersEdit

Name Gen
Pop. to
Initial Job Moving in Name Reference
Satisfaction-DungeonVillage Cost (G) Reward
Clown Stripe MMale 0 Farmer 30 1500 Wooden Bow (Dungeon Village) Wooden Bow Cloud Strife
Lance Alot MMale 0 Carpenter 30 1500 Combat School Sir Lancelot
Fluffie Kiss FFemale 0 Farmer 30 1500 Marbled Steak (Dungeon Village) Marbled Steak Yuffie Kisaragi
Custom1 EEitherGender1 100 Adventurer 20 1000 Heart Pendant (Dungeon Village) Heart Pendant
Donkey Hotty MMale 300 Warrior 40 2000 Slash Blade (Dungeon Village) Slash Blade Don Quixote
Sid Pervia FFemale 500 Merchant 30 1500 Giant Melon (Dungeon Village) Giant Melon Cid Previa
May Le Tigre MMale 700 Archer 50 2500 Circus
Gilly Gamesh MMale 900 Knight 40 2000 Ancient Earrings (Dungeon Village) Ancient Earrings Gilgamesh
Harry Gorn MMale 1300 Mage 50 2500 Fresh Tuna (Dungeon Village) Fresh Tuna Aragorn
Angie Jelly FFemale 1500 Warrior 40 2000 Golden Shield (Dungeon Village) Golden Shield Angelina Jolie
Bamza Reoulv MMale 1800 Merchant 40 2000 Gold Bar (Dungeon Village) Gold Bar Ramza Beoulve
Jill Nabath FFemale 2100 Knight 40 2000 Stuffed Toy (Dungeon Village) Stuffed Toy Jihl Nabaat
Seffy Roth MMale 2400 Bard 50 2500 Magic Lab Sephiroth
Stumblemore FFemale 2600 Monk 50 2500 Great Axe (Dungeon Village) Great Axe Dumbledore
Frod Bigguns MMale 2900 Mercenary 60 3000 Library Frodo Baggins
Masque Mann MMale 3200 Wrestler 60 3000 Bamboo Spear (Dungeon Village) Bamboo Spear Masked Man
Chung Lailai FFemale 3400 Kung Fu Master 60 3000 Priest Robe (Dungeon Village) Priest Robe Chun Li
May Akiba FFemale 3700 Cook 60 3000 Black Suit (Dungeon Village) Black Suit Reference to Maid-cafés in Akihabara (Akiba)
Flippin Book MMale 4000 Clown 70 3500 Champagne (Dungeon Village) Champagne Peregrin Took
Book Shields FFemale 4200 Ninja 70 3500 Fancy Bar Brooke Shields
Voldy Moore MMale 4500 Black Marketer 70 3500 Sapphire Ring (Dungeon Village) Sapphire Ring Voldemort
Harly Potler FFemale 4800 Hero 80 4000 Fire Blade (Dungeon Village) Fire Blade Harry Potter
Max Spellman MMale 5000 Wizard 90 4500 Magic Lamp (Dungeon Village) Magic Lamp Sabrina Spellman[Confirm]
Sam Ganges MMale 5300 King 100 5000 Great Sword (Dungeon Village) Great Sword Samwise Gamgee
Lily Raven FFemale 5700 Princess 100 5000 Castle

1. Before starting the game, you are prompted to pick the name / gender of a character.

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