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There are currently 32 Achievements, with some achievements only obtainable through starting a new game.

Name Description How to Obtain
Sell 100K Make a hit game that sells 100K units. Self-explanatory
Sell 500K Make a hit game that sells 500K units. Self-explanatory
Sell 1 Million Make a hit game that sells 1 million units. Self-explanatory
Sell 5 Million Make a hit game that sells 5 million units. Self-explanatory
Sell 10 Million Make a hit game that sells 10 million units. Self-explanatory
Sell 20 Million Make a hit game that sells 20 million units. Self-explanatory
Sell 50 Million Make a hit game that sells 50 million units. Self-explanatory
Sell 100 Million Make a hit game that sells 100 million units. Self-explanatory
Movin' On Up Grow to an even bigger office Accept to move offices for 600K
Hittin' the Big Time Move to an even bigger office. Accept to move offices for 1,200K
The Big Show Make a name for yourself at Gamedex. Attend an annual Gamedex
Hall of Famer Get a game into the Hall of Fame. Achieve a reviewer score of 32+
Fanboy Letter Get a letter from a male fan. Increase chance by advertising to a male audience
Fangirl letter Get a letter from a female fan. Increase chance by advertising to a female audience
Generate Some Buzz Generate some buzz by building your fan base Get a High enough Buzz while developing a game
Idiot Box Have a game introduced on TV Get the event where your game is featured on TV
Line Starts Here Make a game that everyone can't wait to buy. Get the event 'Fans are lining up already'
Game Expert Train your employees to unlock every type of game. Self-explanatory
Genre King Have your employees master their jobs and unlock every game genre Level up all type of staff (Writer, hackers...) to level 5
Design God Win the Best Design Award Win Best Design at the GGA
Music Man Win the Best Music Award Win Best Music at the GGA
Worst of the Worst Win the Worst Game Award. Self-explanatory
Close but No Cigar Win Runner up. Self-explanatory
Grand Prize Winner! Win the Grand Prize. Self-explanatory
Mystery Staffer X Hire a mysterious masked staff member. Hire Mister X
Mystery Staffer A Hire a king with penchant for gaming. Hire King Ackbar
Mystery Staffer B A ferocious bear has been spotted around town... Hire Grizzly Bearington
Mysery Staffer C Find a genius who'll work for bananas Hire Chimpan Z-Force
Mystery Staffer K Find a mysterious super robot Hire Kairobot
Hardcore hardware Make your own game console Self-Explanatory
Mystery Console A game console so awesome it's like a spaceship or somthing Unlock the Jupiter 512 console
Holy Grail Could the rumors be true? A toilet AND a game console? Unlock the GameJohn Console
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